Central Bank Of Nigeria Moves Ahead To Upgrade Its CBDC

The CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) is stepping further with its strategy for making advancements into its CBDC (central bank digital currency) to be utilized for a vast series of services and products. It is additionally sustaining its strict crypto limitations due to which the fintech sector of the country is being crippled. Bariboloka Koyor, … Read more

Binance Suspends UST And LUNA Withdrawals Temporarily

While the crypto community is even now struggling to decipher the pegging-de-pegging fiasco of Terra concerning the stablecoin offering UST (TerraUSD) thereof, Binance (a prominent crypto exchange) terminated the withdrawals for UST and LUNA (Terra) on Tuesday. Recently, the market value of the stablecoin offering of Terra (UST) plummeted to lower than the anticipated price … Read more

DEUS Finance’s Stablecoin Sheds Nearly 30% Off Its Dollar Peg

The latest Coinmarketcap data shows that DEUS finance’s stablecoin, the DEI, has lost its dollar peg. After losing its dollar peg and dipping to a new low of $0.55 during the Monday morning session, the price of the algorithmic stablecoin has made some slight gains and currently trades at $0.66 following. While DEUS finance’s stablecoin … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Stays Beneath $30K amid Regulatory Concerns

The broad market and Bitcoin see early pressure with increased regulatory scrutiny threatening market players’ appetite following roller-coaster events over the past week. Sunday sessions saw BTC on a 3rd successive day of gains, ending the week with an 8% loss. Bitcoin witnessed a 7th sequential week of red. While the space recovered from the … Read more

PrimeOakmont Review – A Trading Platform That Truly Favors The Traders

PrimeOakmont Review Stiff trading conditions, frequent service charges, and huge commissions are some of the reasons so many traders stay away from certain online platforms. While these things are necessary for an online platform to run its business, they have to find the perfect balance to keep traders interested. In my research of many months, … Read more

Luna Foundation Guard Is Yet To Account For Nearly $1.25B Worth Of BTC

Despite the TerraUSD crash, the platform’s DAO (the LFG) still needs to answer a few questions on some discrepancies regarding Terra’s BTC reserves. Before the UST lost its UST peg earlier in the week and created commotion across the market, the LFG held 70,737 worth of BTC (valued at nearly $2.1B) as reserves for its … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Enthusiasts Should Watch These Zones in The Coming Weeks

Santiment’s data indicated a dramatic surge in Ethereum transaction volumes within the past 48 hours. Furthermore, the ETH network saw address experiencing losses reaching a new all-time high, a bearish move for the alt. Do these massive losses imply an impending relief rally or more pain for market players? News shows the ETH Merge will … Read more

Instagram Is Likely Going To Integrate NFTs Soon

Instagram has a strategy to incorporate NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from prominent venues like Solana, Flow, Ethereum, and Polygon, according to the reports. The social media forum is expected to declare a pilot project by the coming Monday. As per the report, the focus of the venue will be on a specific team of NFT supporters … Read more

Governor Of Utah Signs A Bill To Develop Blockchain And Digital Innovation Task Force

Following a three-year-long debate regarding the formation of a task force that would oversee crypto as well as blockchain-based initiatives, Spencer Cox (Utah’s governor) inked a bill to establish the Blockchain and Digital Innovation Task Force. Firstly, at the beginning of this February, the bill went through many senates and fiscal actions for two months … Read more

Coinbase Introduces A Set Of Cryptocurrency Compliance Tools For Law Enforcement Agencies

With its efforts to provide a much better intelligence system, the Coinbase Crypto exchange moves towards introducing new solutions to handle risks more effectively. Popular crypto exchange, Coinbase very recently revealed a brand-new collection of tools and solutions named as “Coinbase Intelligence” to facilitate all kinds of businesses, financial firms, Law makers and individuals who … Read more