Kraken Supports Both Solana And USDT

Bill King, Growth Marketing Lead, tweeted that clients are now able to store and pull away USDT on the Tron platform and Solana network in addition to the Ethereum network.

These 2 frameworks have live support. By selecting the desired network and currency in the menu container, users can quickly deposit money into their accounts.

Future additions to our assets

Despite only supporting token sales, Kraken is anticipated to add more possessions. They only offer a list of available tokens and links to those tokens’ social media profiles, in order to ensure that they keep all information about their plans secret prior to the launch.

Care should be taken, though. Regarding the execution of a bound or a marketplace command, there are no assurances. These kinds of orders may be impacted by the accessibility and exchangeability of particular electronic possessions.

The Kraken team has also given a summary of their systems in light of the current debates regarding the platform’s financial condition to make it clear that the users can easily recover their assets.

The company pointed out that, in contrast to other trading services, it is not exposed to FTX-related services. Furthermore, it is unaffected by the new info regarding the FTX trading service.

Dedication to honesty and reliability

The business also mentioned how it has long been at the front end of clearness in business and crypto. In order to perform Proof of Reserve audits, it teamed up with a renowned international accounting firm in 2014 and began using routine asset examinations. Compared to different types of finance messages, these audits are more accurate and unchangeable. 

According to Kraken, overall health of the cryptocurrency ecosystem depends greatly on transparency. It entices additional financial institutions to imitate its example. A further finding from its examination was that it had with success managed the possessions it affirmed to get.

It usually had the ability to keep the possessions at a higher grade than the necessary balance. According to the company’s update, maintaining the highest cybersecurity standards is not the only requirement for financial security.

It also stressed the importance of gaining your clients’ trust. One can quickly confirm that the company is up to the task of protecting your finances by using the audit data. 

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