Ripple And SEC Agreement Rumors Turn Out To Be False

An agreement among Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission is not expected to be reached, according to lead Fox reporter Eleanor Terrett. Eleanor Terrett, the daughter of renowned author and producer Charlie Gasparino, said that Ripple and the SEC are attempting to settle their allegedly never-ending legal dispute.

They appear to be outspoken in your disagreement. Natalie Brunel, a Polish journalist and Bitcoin maximalist, made the announcement early on Monday at Fox Business. 

The misinformation

Terrett stated in her tweet that she had spoken to a Ripple representative and that the accusations were false. The Ripple and SEC suit is still pending. A Ripple representative tweeted that the rumors of an agreement between Ripple and the SEC scheduled for November 15th were false.

Gasparino also posted info about the false information regarding the settlement. When discussing a FTX scenario allegedly related to Binance, Gasparino referred to Brunnel and discussed some takeaways from the Ripple and SEC lawsuit. Brunnel hinted that everyone was expecting a decision to be made on the 15th of November in his comments on the matter. He thought it would be fascinating to see the answer. 

Later, he declared that Ripple would be the largest owner of the token regardless of the results of the next day, but he wished for users to remember that the Chief executive officer of Ripple can now be available on different social media platforms. Different members of the community and supporters of Ripple have responded to Terrett’s recent comments by refuting the accusations. Some individuals seized the chance to disparage the mainstream media. 

Possibility of settlement

In particular, if the settlement discussion took place, attorney J.n Deaton and XRP stakeholders stated they would demand information from Terrett. He has made it clear, though, that he doesn’t intend to cast doubt on the vast majority of journalists who work for the media networks.

Concerned about how the incident will turn out, Deaton says. Deaton asserted that Torres Analysis will prohibit Ripple from selling unlisted certificates, even if it cannot be demonstrated that Ripple did so. This is true even if the SEC wins an unfair final decision, according to Deaton. 

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