Harmony And Gamespace Established New Collaboration

The mainnet launch of Harmony, PoS redistributed finance system with a set end date, was first released in June 2019. The end-to-end hub, Game Space, and Harmony have been collaborating closely with each other for several months now.

With the introduction of Harmony, it might be simpler for Web-2 games to migrate into the Web-3 environment, saving time and money on the development of online web-games. 

The most scalable option 

The 1st crypto-based service, named Harmony, invented proof of stake and sharding in the world of blockchain. The most scalable option is partitioning, which equally supports decentralization and security by distributing data across multiple computers.

Performance is also enhanced by separation. Each of the four types of shards utilized by the company can contain up to 250 validators. Information is passed between segments by Segment 0, also referred to as the “chain of beacons.”

Each of the three shards serves a purpose. As a result of Harmony’s flawless execution of sharding, the blockchain is incredibly fast, secure, and scalable, and it can verify deals in practically no time. 

The crypto-based service required by Game Space managers is being built by Harmony, according to its founder Steven Tse.

Engineers are happy to announce that Game Space will join as a partner to support the development of the upcoming games and speed up the adoption of Web3 sharing technology. The CEO of Gamespace says working with Harmony has been  pleasure. 

Engineers want to collaborate with Harmony

Web2 game publishers will be able to quickly deploy their games to Web3 thanks to the new tech adoption system. One-click cross-chain integration and wallet integration are both provided. Extensive support for iOS, Android, and the web, as well as deployment options.

To produce decentralized private key fragments, Harmony and Game Space employ cutting-edge SMPC technology. By doing this, it is guaranteed that the special personal password will continue to exist but will stay enclosed. 

A single personal key creates a single point of vulnerability, but fragments of private keys are processed by multiple parties, avoiding this problem by default.

Web-3 gamers can pull back or exchange coin possessions using the fully supported integration provided by Harmony and Game Space for their token wallets. Additionally, the connectivity is provided as a simple and secure way for clients to manage their cryptocurrency holdings. 

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