Goldman Sachs Wants To Buy More Crypto Companies

There is nothing new in the expansion of contemporary corporations. US investment banks are notorious for buying whatever is up for grabs in the economy. At the moment, Goldman Sachs is eyeing a variety of crypto companies hoping to expand its presence in the domain.

Despite representatives of GS talking down crypto, it is obvious that this large investment institution is quite interested in continuing doing cryptocurrency business.

Games played by politicians and corporate overlords are often entertaining yet also manage to appear mysterious.

The true situation is crystal clear to many observers: large investors want to exploit the crypto “winter” and get in at the lowest price possible.

The FTX debacle created a perfect opportunity for investors

Large and small investors with long-term ambitions are lurking around the crypto industry suffering from the fallout of the FTX collapse.

Many DeFi platforms suddenly found themselves in a sticky situation where they desperately need funds that are being refused to them. Instead, acquisitions are being discussed behind closed doors.

Goldman Sachs specialists believe that the time is right to start investing in Bitcoin and other crypto assets. Mathew McDermott, one of the executives at GS, said that the company is looking into opportunities to bail out or acquire struggling companies that were left starving for funds and credibility after the infamous SBF disaster.

The executive thinks that the foundation for future growth is here and that the technology is sound.

Not a single bank reduced its investments in crypto

Despite loud talks about the crypto winter, collapsing exchanges, and other cataclysmic events in the industry, large investors are not bulging.

Multiple reports indicate that large investors are increasing their exposure to Bitcoin and investing in long market positions on CME and Binance.

Announced BTC fund projects by Blackrock and JP Morgan are still going forward and Fidelity Investment wants to expand its product lineup with new interesting products for retail investors.

Regardless of what narratives fuel your decision-making, you should pay attention to what hedge managers and investment banks are doing. Chances are they are more than just playing with risky assets.

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