Citizens Of Three Major Cities In China Start Using Digital Yuan To Pay Taxes And Charges

People from the three prominent cities of China have started recompensing for social security, stamp duty, as well as taxes with the utilization of the CBDC (central bank digital currency) of the country, the e-CNY (digital yuan). As per a native new report, several government organizations across Zhejiang province (situated in Shanghai’s south) are at … Read more

Goldman Sachs Begin Offering First BTC-backed Loan

Goldman Sachs has launched its initial BTC (Bitcoin)-supported loan, as included in a prominent move toward the organizational crypto adoption across Wall Street. Bloomberg was told by a Goldman spokeswoman that the banking institution (that operates in several countries) has lent cash which is collateralized by BTC in the possession of the borrower as the … Read more

Eurosystem And ECB Start Digital Euro Customer Interface’s Experimental Prototyping

The digital euro’s development will continue as the Eurosystem and ECB (European Central Bank) have started pursuing firms to take part in a project for the prototyping of payments services for consumers. the providers of payment services, banks, as well as the rest of the relevant firms were requested to speak their interest in the … Read more

City Of Forth Worth Has Become the First City In the US To Mine BTC

What's the Difference Between Mining and Minting Coins?

Texas’s crypto-friendly city Fort Worth will commence with Bitcoin mining by utilizing three mining rigs of Bitmain Andminer S9 that are donated on the behalf of the Texas Blockchain Council. The city mayor is of the view that mined Bitcoin could offset the operational charges, which will be a part of the balance sheet of … Read more

Cardano Is All Set To Boost Interoperability In Collaboration With Wanchain

According to a tweet posted by the official Wanchain Twitter account, Cardano’s parent company IOHK is now working with Wanchain to introduce further interoperability. Wanchain and Cardano Team Cardano’s quest towards interoperability is now seeing significant progress as its parent company, IOHK has developed a partnership with Wanchain to bring interoperability between the Cardano mainnet, … Read more

Lightning Network Is Going To Bring Payments Back To BTC


As the network progresses on solving issues related to the Bitcoin transactions, it has been seeing a massive rise in usage. Perks of the Lightning Network The Lightning Network continues its path towards becoming the top network associated with the blockchain, hosted by the current king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin. The network has provided many ways … Read more

Binance Has Launched A Cryptocurrency Card For Ukrainian Refugees

The biggest crypto exchange across the globe introduced its exclusive service named Binance Refugee Crypto Card. The respective service is for the present as well as the upcoming consumers of the platform from Ukraine, that were compelled to migrate to some other nations because of the army clash between Russia and Ukraine. The card service … Read more

Binance Successfully Retreives Stolen Funds From Axie Infinity Exploit

On Friday, the developers from Axie Infinity can now have fresh air because the leading crypto exchange across the globe, Binance, disclosed its recovery of a few of the funds swindled in the Axie Infinity exploit, making the victims hopeful for the future. Leading exchange restores funds from Axie exploit Changpeng Zhao (the CEO of … Read more

Polygon Releases Supernet Chains For Web3 Developers

Polygon (scaling solution for Ethereum) has introduced a unique network for the development of Web3, promising an amount of nearly $100 million for the initial consumers who can assist in speeding up the adoption. The developers, with the Polygon Supernet chain, are enabled to construct their programs in an adaptable atmosphere with no requirement for … Read more

Strike CEO Considers BTC Superior To Other Payment Networks

Jack Mallers – the CEO of Strike (a digital payments venue) – asserted that the utilization of Bitcoin (BTC) as a network of payments is greater than the bank or card-based processing systems. in addition to this, the executive drew a comparison between the primary crypto token as well as the Internet, mentioning that both … Read more