Binance Has Launched A Cryptocurrency Card For Ukrainian Refugees

The biggest crypto exchange across the globe introduced its exclusive service named Binance Refugee Crypto Card. The respective service is for the present as well as the upcoming consumers of the platform from Ukraine, that were compelled to migrate to some other nations because of the army clash between Russia and Ukraine. The card service could potentially assist several million refugees from Ukraine.

Binance continues to assist Ukrainians

After the commencement of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the prominent crypto venue has played the part of being a resilient proponent of Ukraine. Some days following the initiation of the “special military operation” on the behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, approximately $10M was donated by Binance to assist Ukraine in fighting the disaster on humanitarian grounds. This assistance targeted several institutions, taking into account UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF, and so on.

A month after this, up to $2.5M worth of crypto assets was additionally donated by Binance to fund the children as well as their families in Ukraine who were the sufferers of the catastrophic condition that befell the country. The latest endeavor of the exchange to aid Ukraine takes into account the introduction of a crypto card for refugees. The respective product was launched in collaboration with Contis (a provider of financial services in Europe).

The refugee card of Binance permits the migrated Ukrainian citizens to receive or send payments in digital assets and perform transfers at EEA (European Economic Area)-based retailers who embrace these settlements.

Binance’s General Manager in Ukraine, Kirill Khomyakov, stated that almost 4M people have in advance quit their homes in Ukraine because of the outbreak of the war. The executive added that the refugee card will permit the residents from Ukraine to acquire assistance from charitable institutions including Binance and, if required, obtain crypto from any wallet.

Requirements for Ukrainian refugees to get the product

Apart from this, the refugees who apply to get the respective product will obtain nearly 75 BUSD (approximately $75) monthly for consecutive months. A conversion from the BUSD token to the local currency would be carried out by default during any transfer. The refugees can have a Binance Refugee Crypto Card without any charges. They ought to utilize an account that is registered in the homeland country or utilize a Ukraine-based home address to sign in with the venue, even in the case of being in another country.

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