InteracInvestor Review – When You Accept Nothing but a Great Trading Platform

InteracInvestor Review

InteracInvestor logoShould you compromise on your needs just because you have found a platform that offers you a huge bonus for signing up? Is it okay to ignore the rest of the aspects of online trading when you think the company you are signing up with has been in business for many years? Let me tell you that a company’s tenure in online trading does not tell you anything. What tells you something important is the popularity and reputation of the company over the course of time. That’s why I am going to write this detailed InteracInvestor review for you.

I want you to sign up with only the best trading platform in the world. However, before you do that, you have to define what your trading needs. Unless you know yourself well as a trader, you can never find the right platform. At the same time, don’t judge a company’s reliability from the number of years it has spent in the trading world. InteracInvestor might not be the most known trading platform in the world, but it is definitely one that you can trust for its services. Over the course of time, the company has proved that it understands its traders and can offer them what most other competitors are not.

InteracInvestor website

Even after you have read this review, I leave it to you to decide if you really want to sign up on this platform. If you think you need to research more, you have the full liberty to do that. So, let’s me go ahead and review this company as honestly as possible.

Broker InteracInvestor
Type of Trading CFD Trading
Available Instruments Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Forex
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Maximum Margin Loan Up to 100%
Types of Accounts 5 (Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, Pro)
Minimum Initial Deposit $10,000
Trading Platform Web Trader
Customer Support 24/5

Trade at a Place You Prefer

The advancement of technology is something you really feel in your life, but do you feel the same about trading? Can you trade in a way that you never have before? Is there anything that has changed about online trading in the past few years? Of course, as the world continues to change, the online trading platforms have changed as well. Today, they have adapted to your needs as traders and not vice versa. So, when it comes to trading with modern platforms, you don’t have to be bound within a certain place or room.

You can trade whenever you like and wherever you prefer. Do you like the comfort of your bed when you trade? Do you prefer to trade for a few minutes during your lunch breaks at the office? Are you someone who is always going somewhere because you like traveling? Whatever the case may be, you can now trade the way you prefer without any issues at all. The trading platform you are getting from InteracInvestor is available as a web-based platform. This means you can access it from any device just like you access any other website in the world.

There is no need for you to worry about the downloading of the program. You just have to open the website of the company and there you will find the platform. It will run equally smoothly on your MAC devices, Windows computers, laptops of all kinds, iPhones, and Android phones. In fact, even if you are using some old Microsoft phone, you will still be able to use this platform pretty easily. Again, you will not require any downloads at all. It runs on all the devices without compatibility issues and is one of the easiest to follow platforms in the world.

Contact Immediately When You Need Help

Don’t ever delay your communication with the company when you need help. There are many traders who just want to solve all the problems themselves. I was one of them when I started trading, but then I realized that I was paying for the services, and I could have gotten help from the company’s customer support department. Now, it is important to know here that the company that I had signed up with for the first time had its customer support department opened only during the working hours. This meant you couldn’t call them at night.

Also, they were not available to talk to you or resolve your matters on Saturdays and Sundays. Things are quite different for you as a trader when you choose the right company. With InteracInvestor, you will have the customer support available to you at any time you want during the working days. This means you can call at night or during the daytime at the customer support number and someone will be there to answer your call. If you are not in a rush, you can go with the email option, which might help you get an answer from the company within 24 hours.

I have to say that the customer service from this company is something I had not expected from any online trading service. I always used to think that these companies were not serious with their customer support, but I was looking in all the wrong places. If you want to know what it feels like to be listened to, I really want you to contact the customer service of the company. They let you talk and speak only when they have to. They can help you with all the simple and complex trading or trading platform related matters.

InteracInvestor customer support service

Feel Safe When You Trade

Don’t think that you are wasting your money when you sign up with InteracInvestor. The security options that this company has in place are some of the best. You cannot ignore the fact that cyber crimes are increasing with each passing day. These criminals are becoming more knowledge with the passage of time, which means the old methods of protection are not enough. This is why you need platform like InteracInvestor. This company ensures that its website is fully protected through SSL. Also, every piece of data that the traders provide it with should be encrypted.

You can rest assured that InteracInvestor has checked both these boxes by providing you with a platform where your information and money are safe. The money you deposit is not kept in any accounts where the company might be maintaining its own balance. In fact, your account opens at regulated banks so when you sign up and deposit funds in your trading account, the money will go straight to the bank account.

I like the fact that the security teams at this company has paid attention to the latest standards. They did not go with the old standards of protecting your details. The 256-bit encryption ensures that you get the type of security that you really deserve. Furthermore, the company works with the 2FA authentication, which means you are verified through 2 different methods before you can sign up into your account. Yes, that might sound like a lot of work before logging into your trading account, but it secures you from many types of cyber criminals.

Trading Accounts with Different Deposit Limits

You will not be stuck with one or two trading accounts when you sign up with InteracInvestor. I started trading when I was very young and I can tell you that those years were really special. Online trading was new and the companies just want more and more traders to sign up with them. That’s why you had only a couple of different trading accounts to choose from. Many traders ended up opening trading accounts that they could not handle because most of the features were meant for advanced traders.

A company like this simplifies the account opening procedure for you. Firstly, you have five accounts types you can pick from, namely standard, silver, gold, VIP, and pro. If you look at the details, you will notice that these accounts are designed with basic, beginner, advance, semi-professional, and professional traders in mind. It does not matter which group you belong to because you will find something in this list that suits your trading style. The deposit limits are different for each account type.

Firstly, if you go with the standard account, you just need to arrange $10,000 to sign up with the trading account. The deposit amount for different accounts is different. However, if you are willing to go through that process, you will like the rest of the features. There is a lot that these trading accounts offer that I can tell you with surety others don’t.

Perfect Conditions for Trading

I think the company has created the perfect conditions for trading. I have signed up with other brokers and they all try to give you the best of online trading. However, only some of them are truly able to do for traders which they really intend. The trading conditions on this platform are great because firstly, you can trade in any instrument you like. More importantly, the spreads that you will be paying on your trades are extremely small. I am not sure about the number of brokers that you have signed up with. All I am sure of is that you will be spending less money on spreads and making more on profits when you sign up with this company.

0.1 pips is what you will see at the lowest in the spreads department. Now, you can really think about investing in the assets that always scared you. Once you know that the amount of money you will make on your trades will not be affected much by the commission you have to pay, you feel like trading. In addition to tight spreads, traders seem to love the leverages they get on this platform. I have to admit that these leverages are great, especially the way they have been designed to pose lower risk that are trading for the first time.

What I mean by that is that you have leverages of 1:200 only when you sign up with a standard, gold or silver account. However, go with the VIP account and the leverage will go up to 1:300. It gets even better when you go with the pro account that requires a minimum of $1,000,000 for you to start it. The leverage you will get with this account is 1:400. I think that’s a perfect way for the company to sweeten the deal for its traders.

Trade Any Instruments Anywhere You Like

Your choices are not limited when your trading platform is InteracInvestor. I am glad to tell you that all the major financial markets are within your reach on this platform. If you are looking to trade forex currenchy pairs, InteracInvestor is enough for you. The same is the case for those who are interested in trading either stocks of indices. Last but not least, you can trade your favorite commodities on this platform the way you like. What makes things even better is that you are not being pushed behind certain limits.

You can trade as much as you like and anywhere you prefer when you are with InteracInvestor. The company has specifically gone for a web trader, which means you can trade only in the web. With no downloads needed, your trading platform gives you access to all your trades from a device of your choice. It runs smoothly on all the desktop computers and laptops. Also, you can use it on your phone. It should work on all the major operating systems on your smartphones, including Android and iOS.

Final Thoughts

Pour in some amazing security features and you have a trading platform that you can hardly find on the internet. The company really understands the biggest concerns that traders have these days and addresses them perfectly with its complete trading platform. Once you sign up on InteracInvestor, be prepared to learn from the best through one-on-one training sessions. Moreover, you will be in touch with an account and portfolio manager to help you enter the trades that can bring you the best outcomes.

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