Daniel Papst

Bitcoin Nodes: Germany Outpaces the US

Findings from analytics firm, Bitnodes, show that Germany is operating more nodes for flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin than the US in a surprising outcome. According to Bitnodes, there are exactly 10,780 listening or fully validating nodes. Listening nodes differ from other nodes on the network because they fully participate in distributing transactions across the network for…

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Poll Finds 27% Americans In Support of Adopting Bitcoin as a Legal Tender

YouGov poll has revealed that 27% of Americans support the idea of adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender. The new poll further revealed that 11% of the Americans voiced more solid support for Bitcoin’s use as a legal tender in the country, while the remaining 16% were indifferent. If adopted, it would mean that businesses…

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Edward Snowden Urges Other Countries to Adopt Bitcoin Despite Its Recent Fall

Bitcoin, in recent times, has been experiencing several developments most of which are often contributions to its growth. However, the recent adoption of the token as a legal tender in El Salvador has generated a level of mixed feelings which has also been reflected in its price. Amidst these uncertainties, however, the popular whistle-blower, Edward…

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Bitcoin’s 2-Week Average Hash Rate Recovers To 129 Eh/S

Various data indicate that crypto mining firms are settling at their new locations following aggressive action on them by the Chinese authorities in May. Institutions Remain Bullish Glassnode analytics suggest that institutions might be responsible for bitcoin’s current bullish run. “Institutional investors continue to dominate transaction volumes which are impacting BTC’s price action positively,” Glassnode…

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Green Energy-Based Blockchain to be Tested in China

China will try a renewable electricity transaction system based on blockchain. The world’s greatest carbon dioxide producer is decarbonizing with the help of blockchain. Officials with Beijing’s highest market competent authorities have granted the go-ahead for blockchain-based renewable electricity transaction trials across China, according to the National Development and Reform Committee’s official site, which made…

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IOTA (MIOTA) – Technical Analysis and Platform Developments

IOTA stays ahead with its latest DLT network, Tangle. Secure Sensor platform SUSEE decided to utilize Tangle as its technology to upgrade its network. IOTA awaits its programmable smart contracts, developing currently. MIOTA rose by 3.3% to trade at $0.998 as its market cap hovers at $2.8 billion. Tangle has gained attention since its inception…

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