BitOpps Review – Comprehensive Crypto Trading on a Modern Trading Platform

BitOpps Review

BitOpps logoWith the passage of time, online trading platforms are becoming more and more sophisticated. There was a time when it was enough for a trader that he/she was able to trade from home. However, as things progressed, traders saw some great revolutionary changes in the online trading market.

And then, we saw the coming of cryptocurrencies. What people thought of as fad or gimmick at first became a reality in no time. ICOs kept launching and soon it was realized that cryptocurrencies were here to stay. That’s when online companies that provided crypto trading started to emerge.

Some were great trading solutions while others were only half baked. For me, I found that BitOpps was one of the most comprehensive online trading platforms for those who were looking for an opportunity to trade digital currencies.

Whether you are looking for safety while trading or elevated opportunities for making profits on your trades, you will find it all with this online broker. The trading platform is one of the best with great modern features. Most importantly, you will learn it in no time because of how simple and straightforward it is. Let’s dive into this complete review of BitOpps to know more about it.

Broker BitOpps
Trading Type Cryptocurrencies
Trading Platform Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
Fees and Commissions Minimum
Customer Support Phone and email (Regular Work Hours)
Referral Bonus Yes
Account Types Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black
1-on-1 Trading Trainer Yes
Deposits Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer
Spreads Fixed and variable
Minimum Deposit 250 EUR

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Invest in a Variety of Digital Assets

Cryptocurrencies, or digital assets as many like to call them, are aplenty in the market today. You have new ICOs emerging every single day. The good thing is that you have cryptocurrency companies and teams emerging from all parts of the world. What makes things even better is that there are certain countries that have accepted digital currencies as currencies of the future.

If you go to those countries, you can use your digital coins for purchasing stuff from the stores. However, purchasing your daily household items is not what cryptocurrency trading s all about. In this type of trading, you are trying to get a hold of the best digital coins so you can benefit from their increasing or decreasing prices in the future.

When you purchase them, you want them to increase in value, so you can sell them at a higher price than you bought them for. At the same time, if you sell them in the market, you want them to go low in price so you can purchase them for a lower price than what you had sold them for. In either way, you are looking at benefitting from your trade. You are not looking to purchase something with your digital coins.

Do keep in mind that there are many different types of digital currencies in the world today. Just a decade ago, you had nothing more than Bitcoin. Bitcoin was everything and the only representative of the digital currency world. However, soon, you had more and more digital coins launching and becoming a face of this industry.

You now have thousands of different cryptocurrencies that you can use for a variety of purposes. As a new crypto trader who wants to experiment and make money from the best one, you would want access to all of them, and that’s what you will get when you sign up with BitOpps. This company will give you access to some major and other not so major digital coins that you can trade from the same trading platform.

So, if you are aiming for the big ones, I am sure you will be happy to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. On the other hand, if you are looking to trade other great digital coins that are not big or small, but somewhere in the middle, you should opt for Litecoin and Ripple. The good news is that you will not have to go to any other trading platform to get your hands on those cryptos. You will have all of them in your access when you are with BitOpps.

BitOpps Invest in a Variety of Digital Assets
Modernized Trading Platform

The trading platform you will get as you sign up with this broker is one of the best you can get your hands on. I can tell you the many different types of problems you can face when you sign up on the wrong trading platform. One of the issues is when you try to enter a trade and soon realize that the price you saw earlier was very old.

That happens when you are on a trading platform that is very old and has issues that cause it to be slow. It shows you prices from many hours ago, and you end up trading in the wrong direction. So, the first thing you want from your trading platform is to be up-to-date.

With BitOpps, you are getting a trading platform that does not delay. I have been trading on this platform and I think it is quite fast. It is accurate and up-to-date most of the times. The other big problem you will face is when the trading platform is really hard to learn. As a new trader, it will be challenge for you to wrap your head around a difficult trading platform.

I can tell you with surety that the trading platform from BitOpps is one of the easiest to learn. It is very intuitive, so you know where you have to click and which option you should select to reach a particular part of the platform. Things are even better because of the fact that you have many trading tools right on the trading platform. The only challenge that’s left for us to address now is the compatibility issue.

That’s a huge challenge for outdated platforms. They are only good on your desktops but stop working as soon as you try to use them on your mobile devices. This is yet another area where I am sure you are going to love this trading platform. It is available on all your devices and will run smoothly on all of them. From Windows computer to Android mobiles and iPhones, you can use this platform anywhere you would like.

Modernized Trading Platform BitOpps
Get the Help for Reliable Trading

Unless you are a prodigy or a genius that the world is yet to behold, you are most likely going to end up in things that I ended up in as a new trader. There are many things for you to cover when you become a trader, but you will know them with time.

One of the most important things that you have to realize is that you must not say no to the help of the trading tools and experts. Don’t think that you know everything once you have completed a basic course on trading. That teaches you only the basic. In reality, you can keep on learning trading forever.

The deeper you go into trading, the more things you discover. So, in other words, the learning process as a trader will never stop for you. However, what you have to make sure is to get the help of all the resources that are available to you and trade in a way that helps you become profitable most of the time.

For example, you have the dedicated account managers that can guide you in the right direction when you are with the broker. Not all online companies will provide you with this facility, but you will get it when you sign up with BitOpps. The only account you don’t get this facility with is the basic one.

Even if you go with the bronze account, which is more like another basic account from the company, you will have the companionship of a dedicated account manager. To make things even better, you have the trading signals as well. These trading signals have been provided to you by the company that you sign up with for trading purposes.

If you go with the advanced and professional accounts, you will also be able to access premier events. These events can help you a great deal in learning about trading from many different perspectives as you get to hear the best ones in this industry.

Trade after Learning Everything

You will be making a huge mistake if you think you can start trading without learning. I have seen many new traders make this mistake. They make this mistake because they think trading is not difficult. I agree that it is not difficult, but it is not cheesecake either. You have to learn a lot of things before you become a part of this industry.

You have to learn a lot of new terminologies before you can even learn the basics of trading. Once you have learned the basics, you have to move on to new and advanced strategies that can help you trade even when you think the market conditions are not in your favor. All of this can only be done when you are committed to learning how to trade.

Now, the only challenge you will face is of learning through quality training material. If you don’t have quality training material in your access, you are going to suffer in many ways. I can tell you that the training material from BitOpps is of the highest quality. Every ebook in its courses and every video that teaches you different things about trading is completely unique.

In addition to that, you can learn from the experts in private as well. They provide you with one-on-one training sessions in which you can learn everything without any hesitation or fear. You will be surprised to know that with the advanced and professional accounts, you will have access to professional level webinars as well. These webinars are conducted by people who know each and everything about trading. They can teach you in a way that no other resource can.

Even if you have some guru on the internet or teacher on Youtube, I can assure you that their quality of teaching will not be as good as what you get to experience through these webinars. Last but not least, you will find a lot of useful information about cryptocurrency trading on the website as well. It contains a detailed glossary that defines every single important term in cryptocurrency trading.

Trade without Fears

If you have any fears that prevent you from trading, I want you to get rid of them as soon as you sign up with BitOpps. This broker is there to make your life easy as a trader and you will know that from a variety of features that it provides you with. First of all, you have to know about the security of your money.

That’s the first thing that bothers new traders because they are new to the industry and can’t happen to trust anyone they meet first. So, when they sign up with an online company for trading, they can’t do that without fears. They want to be sure that their money will be safe.

When you sign up with BitOpps, I can assure you that you will not have those problems. You will not have to fight with those fears or worries. You will know that the company that you have signed up with is protecting your money in segregated accounts with the best banks of the nation.

These accounts are maintained only for traders at the banks that are properly regulated. So, the fear of you losing the money when you deposit funds in your account should not be there when you sign up with BitOpps. In addition to that, you have the fear of losing your information. Again, I am telling you that such fears should not be in your heart when you are with a broker like this one.

It has taken all the necessary measures to make sure that your information is safe. The SSL certificates on the website are the first indication that the company cares about your information. In addition to that, your information is always encrypted for security purposes. Last but not least, you have the AML and KYC policies in place as well.

These policies are only there to ensure that the trading platform from the company is only available to those who are looking to trade legally. If there is someone who is looking to use the trading platform for the purpose accumulating laundered money, they can’t do that on this platform due to the implementation of the AML policy.

At the same time, if someone has stolen your information to sign up on websites, they can’t do that on BitOpps’ website because it has proper measures to ensure the implementation of the KYC policy as well. So, at the end, you are trading on a platform that has all the perimeters in place to make it safe for trading.

Trade without Fears BitOpps
More than Half a Dozen Trading Accounts

If you look at the trading accounts table on the website, you will notice that there are six of them. Yes, these are already quite a lot of trading accounts for anyone who is looking to sign up with the broker. When you are looking for a trading career, you want to make sure that you start with something that fits your budget and requirements.

I can guarantee you that the trading accounts designed by BitOpps are made to fit the needs of many different types of traders. Whether you are trading for many years or have just started with this activity, you will find one account that suits your needs the best.

Now, the important thing that I want you to notice is that there seem to be six accounts for traders. If you look closely, there are seven different accounts that you can sign up with. If you notice the details of the trading accounts, you will find information about Islamic accounts as well.

So, yes, if you are not comfortable signing up with regular accounts because they involve interest, you can go with the Islamic account feature as well. If you go with the basic account here, you will have to deposit only 1000 EUR. If you deposit 10,000 EUR, you can go with the bronze account. The silver account requires you to deposit 25,000 EUR.

There are three more accounts and they are suited to individuals who have been trading for many years. You get different features with different accounts. The one thing I love about these accounts is that every trader will feel that they have got something good in the account they sign up with.

It is not as though you sign up with an expensive account and feel that the features you are getting are nothing special compared to what someone with a basic account is getting. There are some significant differences that make these accounts very different For example, you will notice that there is no dedicated account manager with the basic account. However, if you go with the platinum account, you will have a VIP account manager at your disposal.

You don’t get any custom analytics if you are with the basic or bronze accounts. However, you get this feature as soon as you jump onto the silver account. In other words, no matter which account you sign up with, there is something great for you waiting in its features.

BitOpps More than Half a Dozen Trading Accounts
Deposit without Worries

Use the methods for depositing that you think are most suitable for you. If you like using credit cards for online transactions, you can do that on the BitOpps trading platform as well. You can deposit any amount you like in your account using your Visa or MasterCard credit card.

The good thing is that you can deposit a minimum of 250 EUR in your account if you don’t want to go with a big deposit. What makes me like BitOpps even better is that you can use your debit card as well. I often wonder why online companies do not allow you the option of using your debit card.

However, I was pleased to know that this broker is different from many and is offering you the option of using your debit card as well. Despite the two amazing options, you can use the bank wire transfer as well. Some people do not use this method because it takes time for your money to be transferred in your account.

If you use your credit card, you can deposit the money within seconds. On the other hand, if you go with the wire transfer option, it might take a few days for your money to appear in your trading account. What I can say in favor of bank wire transfer is that is safe.

Customer Service for All

You can sign up with this online trading platform from any corner of the world. You don’t have to think which country you belong to or how much money you have in your account. If you go with the right company, you will get everything that you need in the form that you like.

Now, when it comes to customer service, I can tell you that this company really cares about you. For example, you have the website in multiple languages so you can have a personalized experience on the website. Furthermore, you have the email-based and phone-based customer support available for your help.

You can use the contact us form on the website to send in your queries. In addition to that, you have the email option that you can use for your convenience. When you need immediate help, you can call the phone number. When you have a common question to ask, you can get from the FAQs on the website. The customer support is available for your help from Monday to Friday.

Final Thoughts

I am sure that this complete review has given you a great insight into how comprehensive the crypto trading services from BitOpps are. It provides you with a trading platform that you can personalize and offers you low margins with big leverages to give you great chances at making a lot of money on each trade. The absence of unnecessary fees is another reason to love the trading services from BitOpps.

Now, with all this information, it is up to you to choose or reject this online broker for your trading journey.