Cardano Blockchain Launches First Dapp On Alonzo, Receives Heavy Criticism

Shortly after the test net and smart protocol launch on Wednesday last week, Cardano launched its first Dapp on Alonzo. This move means that the popular blockchain will integrate into its mainnet on September 12. The hype surrounding the Alonzo launch is one thing that has positively impacted prices of ADA recently.

Despite the Dapp launching, users have criticised its functionality and trading restrictions. One of those who bashed Dapp is Anthony Sassano. Sassano, in his Twitter page mocked the Dapp launch, rubbishing it, and even took a swipe at the developers.

Issues With Dapp Launch Outlined

One of the issues users face with Dapp is failure of UTxO transactions to go through. Some users noted that the developers made a huge flaw in implementing smart contracts using UTxO, whose use is only for exchanges swap. While the level of criticism is gargantuan, a few users called the developers to fix the issue before the September 12 launch.

On the flip side, Cardano’s IOHK fired back at those who criticized the Dapp launch and the UTxO protocol. According to the community, IOHK resolved to go with UTxO in the first place because it offered better security and flexible transaction fee. The community also cleared the air surrounding the limited transaction as claimed by Sassano. 

On the discussion thread which Sassano started, IOHK explained that Dapps were not limited to one transaction per block because the system was designed with several UTxOs. This means that one can initiate multiple transactions simultaneously. The community also added that they strongly believed in the UTxO project and its success.

In recent weeks, Cardano has become popular due to the smart upgrade. Users are anticipating the smart contract update because it would establish the blockchain as solid competition against others. The launch caused the price of ADA to surge tremendously over the past few weeks, reaching an all-time high of $3.09 once. Currently, the price of ADA has declined slightly, trading at  $2.90.

Like Solana, Cardano ADA had weekly gains of more than 18% before final test net and the eventual Dapp launch. Cardano built on the bullish run and smart contract update, which is considered as their biggest upgrade yet throughout August and September to climb to new highs. It’s expected that Cardano ADA will surge in coming weeks, but the current issues must be addressed to ensure that more users use the platform.