Top Recently Added Cryptos to Consider in June 2022 

The crypto market suffers a bloodbath, with most tokens displaying ugly performances during May’s sessions. However, there’re a few exceptions. Furthermore, the marketplace saw new coins arriving. Let us check the top recently added cryptos to consider in June this year. 

As a rule of the game, research whenever considering crypto investments. Digital tokens are volatile and risky. Moreover, the crypto space has seen bears dominating May. While writing this content, most cryptos suffer a bloodbath. 


STEPN is a lifestyle app with game-fi and social-fi features. The web3 applications allow players to achieve impressive profits by running, jogging, or walking outdoors. Users earn when they move. However, STEPN is in a Public Beta Phase, and developers might modify the Whitepaper in the future. While publishing this content, STEPN’s native token GMT trades at $1.05. 

STEPN maintains the dual-token status with GST, its utility tokens, and GMT, the governance coin. GST boasts an infinite supply. Moreover, players earn it as the app coin. Users receive GMT after increasing sneakers to the 30th level. GMT boasts 6 billion in total supply, distributed: 

  • Environment & Treasury – 30% 
  • Move & Gain – 30%
  • Private Sale – 16.3%
  • Binance Launchpad Sale – 7%
  • Team – 14.2%
  • Consultants – 2.5%

LooksRare (LOOKS)

LooksRare is a non-fungible token market that rewards participants. Users can earn rewards by buying or selling NFTs. Designers and traders within the LooksRare marketplace receive the native token LOOKS. Moreover, token stakers earn all platform trading fees. While publishing this content, LOOKS trades at $0.49. The asset’s overall supply stands at 1 billion, distributed: 

  • Community 75%
  • Ecosystem development – 10%
  • Team – 10%
  • Strategic Sale – 3.3% 
  • Liquidity management – 1.3%
  • ANC Liquidity – 5%
  • Airdrops – 5%

Step App (FITFI)

Step App token economizing comprises staking, burns, buybacks, liquidity stimuli, and locks. It executes them according to demand by value from the gaming economy and gameplay bonuses. Step App uses FITFI as a governance token. The coin benefit from platform payments. Users can utilize the KCAL in-game tokens to buy SNEAKS. The token distribution is: 

  • Mining, Move-to-Earn – 30%
  • Team – 15%
  • Marketing, acquisition, and licenses – 15%
  • Staking, Liquidity, MM, and consultants – 6%

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