Influential Personalities Plan To Support The Zelensky NFT Project

The Zelensky NFT project is a new digital art collection soon to be available to the public. According to the announcement, this project’s primary objective is to assist Ukrainians through local communities.

Details About The Zelensky NFT Project

Many famous and influential persons have made a promise that they will support this project. Most of them have been supporting the Ukrainian nation following Russia’s invasion of the country.

The IamUkraine studio (consisting of a group of talented creators) is the developer of this project. They got the inspiration for this project because of the suffering of the Ukrainian people. The team intends to use their creative works and digital art to provide humanitarian assistance for Ukrainians.

They also plan to eternalize these digital works through blockchain technology. Volodymyr Samoilenko, the team’s project director, said that “we are happy about receiving support from personalities from all industries and nations worldwide.”

He further said that “the collection in the Zelensky NFT project displays the unity and strength of all Ukrainians during these trying periods. We deeply appreciate the support we are receiving as the team behind this project and the Ukraine nation.”

He further said, “we hope that others who are thinking about supporting us can take inspiration from those supporting us already. We can only imagine the level of impact we can make once others join us.”

The Long-Term Vision For This Project

While commenting on the collection, the project’s marketing director, Andrey Vlasov, also said that it is highly important to have a project that shows the strength and spirit of Ukrainians and its President during these turbulent periods.

He further said, “this project will always be a proof of the braveness and unity of Ukrainians and the President.” Hence, the team plans to create 10,000 unique digital artworks to showcase the levels of strength shown by Ukrainians, especially its President (President Zelensky).

This collection will be a remembrance of Ukrainians’ spirit, courage, and fortitude for many generations to come. Many popular and important personalities have shown their support for this project even before its public launch.

Apart from the NFT collection of these events, there would also be monuments that describe these important moments. The Zelensky NFT collection is the first charity finance (ChariFi) idea worldwide.

It contains 10,000 unique digital artworks from various artists to represent the struggle of Ukrainians during this war. According to the media brief from the IamUkraine team, there will be a public launch of this collection on Tuesday, May 31.

A similar project to the Zelensky NFT project will also be launched on Tuesday, May 31. The project is the RedkiteNFT collection. This collection aims to generate funds and provide humanitarian aid to refugees displaced by conflicts worldwide. Thirty-three digital creators have sent in their works to be part of this project.

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