There Is A New Record In The Virtual Land Purchase – Report

A financial publishing firm, Curzio research, revealed that it paid $5M for several plots of land in the TCG metaverse. While the TCG metaverse isn’t popular, this record sale has made it popular. The previous record for purchasing any plot of land in virtual real estate was sandbox’s purchase. Sandbox bought several land plots for $4.3M.

The Increasing Popularity Of Metaverse Land Purchases

Even though the TCG world is an unpopular metaverse, Curzio Financial bought 19 plots of land in this virtual real estate. The size of Curzio Financial’s virtual land purchase is equal to 7 city plots (which measures 256mx256m) or 12 city plots (which measures 128mx128m).

Curzio Financial boasts that it is unlikely for any virtual land purchase to surpass this one. Owning the sales record for any metaverse land purchase globally earns Curzio the right to own TCG security tokens. Also, it grants them the right to have an equity stake in the firm.

However, TCG will also earn some cool rewards because of this achievement. While speaking about the deal, Curzio Financial CEO, frank Curzio, stated that “the metaverse represents the original intention of the internet.

He added that the metaverse is “a decentralized and permissionless platform where anyone can develop and own a content without restriction or third-party influence.”

Tapping Into TCG World’s Potential

Curzio claims that there was a particular reason it chose the TCG world. According to the financial publishing firm, TCG world has all the features of an ideal metaverse. Many other investors avoided TCG world because of its unpopularity. However, Curzio saw a goldmine in this unfancied metaverse.

Some of those features include social, commerce, entertainment, and gamification. Also, users and developers enjoy passive rewards without paying huge fees. Regardless of the actors involved in the metaverse transaction, everyone wins in the transaction.

Curzio believes the TCG world has so much untapped potential. The evolution of the metaverse in the last few months has been nothing short of surprising. Sandbox, Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft would be surprised at the fast growth of an industry they started from scratch. It is now an existential and interlinked space with huge investment opportunities.

Curzio Is Now A Key Partner With TCG World In The Asian Continent

The firm plans to establish its headquarters in this region. Thus, it is a central location where VIP members and investors can converge quickly if the need arises. Furthermore, members can also participate in other exclusive events by TCG world.

Such events include live events, podcasts, and educational seminars. There would also be virtual communities where investors can rub minds together. The timing of Curzio Financial’s purchase of land plots in the TCG metaverse is unique.

It coincides with preparations for the official launch of the TCG world brand. The launch has been temporarily fixed for the last quarter of this year.

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