Stripe to Allow Its Users to Order Payouts in Cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest cases in favor of adoption is the ability to use crypto to pay for services and goods. While it is a long way before many local businesses and entrepreneurs are interested in using cryptocurrencies, the arrival of some bigger names to the party could speed up the process of adoption. One of the biggest moves was made by Stripe, one of the providers of financial services in the US and globally.

Many freelancers will be interested in receiving crypto

A study conducted in 2017 revealed that most crypto users are freelancing specialists and professionals who prefer working remotely. It can be quite expensive to pay for their services and the taxation issue is also a very inconvenient and complicating factor that often makes paying your contractors quite expensive and cumbersome to the point that many businesses prefer to overpay by having an unnecessary in-house position or paying to local contractors higher amounts to just get the job done and forget about the paperwork.

Stripe allows many businesses to avoid all these issues by simplifying financial relationships between hirers and freelancers who often want to receive their payments in unconventional forms like crypto. Stripe decided to make this possible by introducing the opportunity to pay out in cryptocurrency transactions which were welcomed by the crypto community comprised of many freelancing specialists.

Stripe may gain many new users after announcing this big move. At the same time, many other businesses may take a closer look at the possibility of implementing such payments in their products if Stripe’s experiment turns out successful.

Other companies may follow suit

One of the most significant international platforms for freelancers in Upwork, it attracts millions of specialists and just as many business owners who would like to outsource some of their tasks. It is still using only PayPal and banking, but even PayPal is offering crypto to its users. Companies like Upwork may also start using crypto payouts to ensure that more freelancers have easier access to their favorite assets!

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