POOLS Created A New System For Content Makers

Creator Worlds and ZeroZero (DEX) is a decentralized exchange that has been launched by POOLS, the top decentralized protocol for social tokens. Holders of the coins can now exchange and use blockchain-based utilities thanks to this. 

POOLS adds new features

The market capitalization of the four creator tokens increased to $20 million after 24 hours of their listing on the ZeroZero DEX exchange. This result demonstrates that stakeholders required conventional admittance through crypto coins. The introduction of the brand-new functions thus showed the development of the social network coins system. 

It’s a new-sprung period for POOLS and content makers because Creator Worlds was formed at POOLS to let crypto users research the advantages of using a tokenized system. Creators who have uploaded their possessions to POOLS can also use it. Depending on how many tokens they own, token holders can benefit from a variety of things, like sales on goods, performance tickets and other benefits.

Additionally, accessing special utility tokens costs more money than using tokens that are already in circulation. As a result, token holders benefit more than other users from deeper utility. The amount of utility a user can use in Creators Worlds depends on how many assets they own. It’s fascinating that shareholders cannot use their assets to experience these advantages. Instead, the system’s algorithms recognize the user’s possessions and find new applications for them. 

The special benefits of Creator Worlds 

Once Creator Worldsis released, investors will receive a lot of advantages. Users can get payoffs for taking part in protocol-compliant activities in this way. On the decentralized ZeroZero exchange, clients are able to purchase and exchange crypto coins. 

The goal of POOLS is to develop a service for trading content makers’ tokens using the ZeroZero DEX. It will also access impact value using Web 3 technology, a feature that no other service has, and POOLS will make it possible for brands and engineers to make money off their productions by building a new redistributed trading system. 

The value of creator tokens is influenced by supply and demand, and POOLS are a useful tool for gaining access to other users. They can, however, more than ever before contribute to increasing utility access. Leading creators began to take notice of POOLS after the first token was released in 2021. This Fall, it subsequently launched its own token on well-known exchanges like Gate.io, Coinbase, and Kucoin. 

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