Opera’s Crypto Browser Now Supports Apple’s iOS

A recent announcement made by Opera mentioned a development regarding the firm’s crypto browser now gaining support on Apple’s sophisticated IOS operating system.

Move into IOS

In order to accommodate the increase in demand for Decentralized Finance (DeFi), popular Web3 Web browser and wallet host, Opera recently shared an announcement in which the firm stated that the browser will soon be available to work on Apple’s IOS operating system, opening to a massive new user base, who has been hoping for this development to arise. With this new addition into Apple’s ecosystem, this enables the Opera Web3 browser to be available on literally all major desktop and mobile OS platforms.

Network and Platform Support

With its integration with multiple popular networks such as Solana, Bitcoin, Polygon and many others, Opera is hoping to secure its position in the crypto space, highlighting its positive intentions towards making digital wallets mainstream. The Opera browser currently has a multi-million user base who can access decentralized applications and other popular services in a span of around nine blockchain systems, supported by platforms such as Mac, Windows, Android and now IOS with the latest integration.

Making Web3 Mainstream

Vice President at Opera, Jorgen Arnesen stated that the crypto browser hosted by Opera was made in order to promote a much easier Web3 experience, leading to more mainstream users. Jorgen said that for Opera to reach its complete potential towards widescale adoption, it needs to provide easier access to Web3 products and services. Jorgen also stated that since Web3 is on its way to become mainstream, so the firm needs to maintain a smooth user experience in order to keep up with the evolving market.

Need for Wallets

This support for the IOS ecosystem is mostly the result of the general increase in DeFi Wallets around the whole space. Many users who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and want to get involved with DeFi look for non-custodial wallets in order safekeep their precious assets, which Opera luckily provides.

Massive User Base

According to the taken from StatCounter, Opera has about 2.82% of the global browser market share, with the company also revealing that it has managed to main more than 380Million activity users on a monthly basis. Opera’s main intention is to maintain blockchain agnosticism and to increase its support for more networks and layer-2 scaling alternatives.

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