Amazon May Begin Selling NFTs In Future, Says CEO Andy Jassy

CEO of Amazon Andy Jassy has stated about the company’s possible move into the world of NFTs in the coming times.

Amazon and NFTs

According to an Interview hosted by CNBC, CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy has recognized the massively growing popularity of NFTs and mentioned that the platform could eventually start its trade in the future, however Andy did mention that the company still has no plans to integrate cryptocurrency payments into its systems.

Still no Crypto Payments

Andy Jassy specifically stated that he thinks that NFTs have started to pop off and he thinks that NFTs will see more massive growth in the future. But Andy mentioned that he himself currently doesn’t own any NFTs and despite the company not having any plans to integrate cryptocurrency payments on the trading platform, he does believe that cryptocurrencies could be the future of finance and Amazon could potentially start the trading of NFTs in the coming time.

Rumors and Speculations about Amazon

The confusing thing to be noted is that in July of last year, Amazon did post a job offering, titled as, “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead”, leading to many speculations regarding the massive platform integrating cryptocurrency payments onto its systems.

Referring to an unnamed source, the City A.M. Newspaper published in London mentioned that Amazon will soon start to accept Bitcoin and is also planning to release it very own unique token into the public this year, which lead to a minor price boost in the cryptocurrency market. But nevertheless, Amazon rejected such claims, shattering many hopes and dreams.

Massive Companies Moving towards Crypto

Amazon, a behemoth of a company which has a current valuation of about $1.6Trillion, which is almost as big as the complete cryptocurrency market that is valued at $1.97Trillion, is part of a few remaining firms that have not yet made any potential move towards the cryptocurrency market.

This is oddly strange, because massive firms like Alphabet, who owns Google has been working towards introducing new Web3 and blockchain-based products and services into the market, with the addition of NFTs in connection its streaming service.

Another example highlights the development made by META, which is the parent company of hugely popular services such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, that has completely changed its direction towards building a virtual world known as the “Metaverse”, in order to promote more digital interactions, while also providing other companies the opportunity to shine in it.

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