New NFT-based Game Launched by Star Atlas

New “Solana Star Atlas” at the Epic Games Store was launched with an explorable demo-version accessible for NFT users. Star Atlas is now available at the Epic Games Store.

The extremely awaited Solana NFT-supporting game was finally put in motion on the Epic Games Store with a live-streaming event on September 29, 2022.

Currently, only a demo is available, but Star Atlas now allows her NFT users to try out the game items they have purchased. Some of the demos include non-NFT ships that gamers can interact with, but they have been fair enough to give passkeys to some non-NFT players as well. 

The game is set in 2620, a far future, and allows users to travel through an open map while mining for resources in a spaceship-like vehicle. While NFT owners have experienced this exploratory strategic game, Star Atlas’ engineers have not completed the whole work yet, and gamers will not have all the features available. To complete the process game designers  may need years.

Star Atlas Gallery Demo

It may take some time before Star Atlas is playable with all the features, but NFT holders will, in a little while, have a new show to set up their minds about the game. Another showroom demo-version is planned for in 2022, where other features will be included, such as NFT holders driving their ships, multiplayer features, and communication with other shipowners.

Developer tool kit

But the demo-version of the game isn’t the only focal point of the event; at the same time as the Star Atlas demo launches on the Epic Games store, brand-new developer kits will be released. These resources allow game designers to create their own Unreal Engine 5-based crypto-games with the help of Solana’s network. 

This 3D production engine is also utilized in Star Atlas’ forerunner game, Fortnite. To easily incorporate this game into the Solana network, the developer uses an open-source tool that is called The Foundation Software Development Kit (F-KIT).

All transactions are operated within seconds, and the main resources are the NFT-based blockchain systems and personal addresses and account numbers. NFTs are becoming more and more usable with each day and are occupying even more space than they used to. 

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