Money Back Review – Is Their Fund Recovery Service Scam Or Legit?

Has this ever happened to you?

Money Back logoYou signed up with an online broker based on their promise to provide you with top-notch trading features. However, a few days after making profits from your trades, you could not transfer the funds to your bank account. You have lost your money to a scammer in the name of an online broker.

It is unlikely that they would allow you to withdraw your profits. However, there are services you can use to recover your money. One such service is Money Back. This Money Back review reveals everything you need to know about Money Back’s fund recovery service.

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Why Should You Choose Money Back?

Money Back has years of experience helping traders like you recover their funds from scam brokers. They do so by allowing you to build and prove your case. Remember that until you prove that a company has scammed you, you have no case in court.

Hence, you need the service of a professional to help you build your case. Based on experience, Money Back is familiar with the mode of operation of these scam brokers, the banks they use, and other credit companies’ policies.

Other Services

Besides helping you recover funds from scam brokers, Money Back also provides other services. They can help you to analyze companies before you communicate or invest in them. Thus, you will know beforehand whether you might be dealing with a fraudulent company.

Money Back also has experience with providing tax and financial planning services. As the name implies, financial planning is a process that involves identifying your goals and creating the right plan to achieve them. Hence, Money Back will work with you and help you develop personalized strategies that will aid you in achieving your financial goals.

Money Back also acts as a merchant service provider. They help cardholders process, store and transmit their data. They work with several merchants globally, allowing them to control and manage their users’ data security.

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Money Back Fees

Money Back is flexible with its fees. Negotiations and the client’s case and the situation usually determine the amount clients would pay for their services. However, the company has a range of fees for various services it offers. More importantly,

Money Back gives detailed attention to each case and has a track record of success with many of its cases. It is important to note that the first consultation with Money Back is free. Money Back accepts payments in crypto or fiat.

Other Money Back features

Money Back is a huge believer in workplace diversity. It believes that a workplace with employees from various regions will help approach client issues from different perspectives. Also, the company ensures that it hires employees willing to give their best in any situation. Hence, you can be sure that whoever is attending to your case will provide you with the best till you are satisfied.

Furthermore, Money Back clarifies all you need to know to do business with them. One of the distinctive attributes of Money Back and its employees is transparency with customers. Money Back believes that its transparency with customers will make them come back when they need any of its other services.

Necessary Authorization

Even though Money Back has its headquarters in Israel, it has a branch office in the UK. Money Back has the necessary authorization to operate in Israel and other regions. Also, it operates through a legal exclusion in the UK. Thus, its operations aren’t subjected to the UK FCA (Federal Conduct Authority) regulations.

Getting Started And Customer Service

It is easy to get started with Money Back. You only need to book a consultation with them, and a team member will be in touch with you. Money Back has excellent customer service as they usually respond to customer email queries within 24 hours. However, a direct call is the best option to get instant responses to your requests. However, these call lines won’t be available outside office hours.


Money Back displays outstanding professionalism in helping you get your Money Back from scam brokers. Also, their expertise extends to other financial areas. Hence, if you have fallen victim to scam brokers, Money Back is your best choice. Their customer service reps are always available to answer your queries. Moreover, your first consultation is free. Based on the above reasons, we recommend this broker.

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