MyTona Becomes the First Russian Firm To Enter Into the Metaverse World

MyTona has secured its place to be the earliest firm across Russia to declare the plan thereof in the sector of Metaverse. The game developer (which is based on Yakutsk), while giving a press release, stated that the firm’s metaverse called Mytonaverse will be executed in this December’s mid. The release also mentioned that the respective application will provide communications just like those experienced in real-life interactions.

It additionally pointed out that the consumers are capable of holding virtual meetings, going through several social hubs, as well as engaging in parties including their friends all across the globe. Alexei Ushnitsky (the co-founder of MyTona) expressed that Mytonaverse counts as a separate body being registered within New Zealand.

Russian point of view

It is of significant importance that during the recent month, the administration of Vladimir Putin took in a draft plan governing the crypto exchanges categorized under the corruption guidelines thereof. The policy authorized federal employees to execute audits to rule out corruption. According to that, the authorities have been launching a crackdown on crypto-related crimes. Notwithstanding this, the new reports mention that Russians are now seen as the most vigorous investors in the field of cryptocurrencies. The Bank of Russia figured out that crypto transactions reached a per annum volume of up to $5 billion (350 rubles). The country additionally allures a considerable section of Bitcoin (BTC) miners, adding nearly 11.23% of the regular hash rate per month.

Metaverse scenario

In the matter of Metaverse, the field is expected to turn into a trillion-dollar industry by 2022. In this respect, Facebook is not known as the single tech company stepping to have a prominent role in the sector. The Chairman of Acta Global, Bill Tai, informed CNBC about the context that in his opinion metaverse is a subjective item and cannot be possessed by a single entity. According to the reports, Tencent (based in China) has taken great steps in this space notwithstanding the expediting scrutiny at the government level.

Morgan Stanley is, in addition, reported to have an inclusion in the Meta venues with Roblox being among the likely winners while considering the long-term scene. Indeed, having a lot of new players, investors are taking metaverse as the upcoming great chance. In the meantime, the Barbados government has similarly moved onward to develop the globe’s initial Metaverse Embassy.