ABEYCHAIN Reportedly Launches its First Nonfungible Token Game

There was a time when the nonfungible token sector was only limited to users using them for digital artwork designs and fan tokens. However, the application developers started looking at a broader picture of the nonfungible token technology.

Being around since 2017, the nonfungible token sector hadn’t managed to gain much prominence in its early years of launch. However, the industry has evolved tremendously in the year 2021, with the rest of the cryptocurrency sector.

In the year 2021, the best thing that has happened to the gaming sector is being introduced with a “play-to-earn” model. This is a model that not only rewards and pays the top players for their participation but also does the same for other players just playing the game.

The model rewards the players on the basis of their participation in the game time, instead of their achievements. This is the reason why the model has been adopted all over the world and players from each corner are moving to this model.

The sector that has been integrated into the particular model is the nonfungible token space. This is the reason why the NFT sector has so much prominence within the gaming sector.

By now, several game developers as well as blockchain game developers have adopted the model and have integrated NFTs into it.

Among the global game developing community, it is the blockchain game developers that are able to benefit from the model the most. They already have the knowledge of how things work with the nonfungible tokens and have exposure to the technology needed for the expansion of the sector.

Among the major blockchain game developers is ABEYCHAIN that has made it into the headlines in recent days. According to reports, ABEYCHAIN has launched its NFT-based game that has been dubbed “Puppy Planet”.

ABEYCHAIN has been recognized as the blockchain solution of the year for 2021. Therefore, the community following the ABEYCHAIN had really high hopes for its latest NFT-based game.

The development team behind Puppy Planet from ABEYCHAIN has revealed what they have integrated into their recently launched NFT-based game. They have tried to incorporate several features such as ABEYCHAIN functionalities, and have derived other functions and technology currently adopted by the Axie Infinity game.

The particular game has been developed by integrating functionalities such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens. Most importantly, the firm has incorporated the play-to-earn model into the game for the benefit of the players.

In order to support the game, ABEYCHAIN will be launching a total of 180 million tokens for the particular game, dubbed “PUP”. The players will have access to half of the tokens that they will be able to acquire by carrying out in-game mining.