Musk Might Introduce Crypto-Trading System On Twitter

After Elon Musk provided a sneak peek at the new Twitter update program, DOGE’s price increased immediately.

Investors in Dogecoin remain optimistic that Elon’s plan for the new version of Twitter might incorporate DOGE in some way. 

A short tweet boost the price of DOGE by twenty percent

A brief almost twenty percent price increase for meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) was sparked by a businessman’s confirmation that he plans to incorporate defrayals into the new version of Twitter service.

In an article published in November, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter described his goals. A recent “Twitter company talk” featured several slides, which were shared in a tweet on 27 to his 119.2 million followers. 

Nevertheless, Musk didn’t talk about Dogecoin in the Twitter post or the slides that were linked to it, that was more than enough for many traders to start purchasing DOGE with a thought that this crypto might be involved in the new update process. 

Dogecoin’s payments can be made at new Twitter platform

In the hours following the tweet, as for the info from the media reports, DOGE’s value increased 19.4 percent, rising from $0.089 to $0.107. And that for many seem unreasonable and speculative.

Even after Musk bought out Twitter, many investors wonder whether DOGE is still worth the price it has now or not.

Following a speculative post by well-known tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong in October, rumors of Twitter’s plans for a cryptocurrency wallet started to circulate.

It was stated that the business had started developing a crypto-wallet model that backs up crypto depositions and trading deals. This info caused the Dogecoin value to increase by forty percent in a moment.

Even if Musk were to integrate Dogecoin onto Twitter, according to L. Yaffe, co-creator of the blockchain-based program development firm Jelurida in Switzerland, it might not be a smart move.

Even if the businessman is successful in creating a commercial service inside of Twitter, there are still many other safe, private, intelligent platforms and protocols one might use for trading crypto instead of Twitter. 

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