MasterCard Has Filed With USPTO Fifteen NFT And Metaverse Trademark Applications

Inspired with the developments surrounding VISA and American Express regarding the Metaverse, MasterCard has also decided to expand their sources of revenue.

New Trademarks

Globally popular payment service, MasterCard has recently registered around 15 Metaverse and NFT Trademarks in cooperation with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. The main motivation behind registering in these trademarks is the intention of developing a digital community used for engaging with a variety of digital assets, the usage of payment cards inside of the Metaverse, building an online platform to trade digital assets, hosting unique virtual reality programs and several other moves.

Several new Plans

These trademark registrations by MasterCard have many different plans in hand. One of the trademarks being registered is related to the firm’s ‘Priceless” Slogan that contains multiple media files including art, texts, audio files and video files, which are to be validated using Non-Fungible Tokens.

More of the registrations include the firm’s idea to utilize its official logo in order to complete card-based transactions used in the payments of items and services not only inside of the Metaverse, but also different unique digital spaces.

Additionally, MasterCard is also looking to spread and stamp its name cross a wide variety of culture-based events, music festivals, sports festivals, award ceremonies and educative programs. According to a public report, MasterCard recently brought a fresh batch of about 500 new workers back in the month of February in order interact with Banks and merchants about the utilization of crypto-powered technology and NFTs.

VISA and American Express Developments

The thing to note is that MasterCard isn’t the only company that is working to get trademarks registered. Other global services such as VISA and American Express have also applied for registering their own set of official trademarks intended for newer developments.

If we take a closer look into these two companies, VISA had applied for registering a patent regarding the development of a new digital currency, which the company has been actively working to bring to the financial market. VISA also introduced a Creator Program, intended to educate traders who are looking to evolve their businesses with NFTs.

Empowering Blockchain and Crypto Startups

American Express on the other hand, has also introduced a multi-month program named as the Start Path Crypto, used in assisting blockchain and crypto startup businesses with strategies focused on improving the scale. The payment company has about seven separate registrations with respect to digital payment cards, providing services in the metaverse and letting customers pay for NFTs on a variety of platforms.

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