Epic Games Successfully Secures $2B In Its Latest Funding Round

Epic Games’ Journey towards the Metaverse is boosted to newer levels, as the firm has successfully managed to secure a massive $2Billion in funds from several popular firms.

Billion Dollar Funding

Gaming Firm, Epic Games, known for its massively popular battle royale game Fortnite, is in for a huge treat, as their latest development regarding the Metaverse has gained a significant boost towards accomplishment. The company recently announced that it has managed to successfully secure about $2Billion during a funding event, putting the firms value at a staggering $31.5Billion.

Leading the generous contribution were two other massive popular companies, SONY and KIRKBI who both generously contributed around a billion dollars’ worth of investment each into the funding. KIRKBI is the parent company of the hugely popular LEGO franchise, notorious for not only its toy collections, but also its massive name in the world of video games and movies.

Sony and Epic

This isn’t the first time that SONY has invested in EPIC Games. The firm has a record of supporting Epic Games, registering two investments of around $450Million into the company back in the funding rounds of July 2020 and April 2021 respectively.

Journey to the Metaverse

Epic Games delivered a blog post on Monday, stating that they will be utilizing the massive collection of funds in order to develop the company’s road towards the Metaverse, while also boosting the company’s own growth levels. Despite Epic Games not sharing any further details regarding the utilization of the funds collected, multiple representatives from all three firms were seen to focus mostly on the development of Epic Game’s new metaverse project.

Positive Vibes from all Three Sides

Chairman and President of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida commented on the investment stating that their company is excited to invest into Epic Games in order to further strengthen their bonds and participate in the development of the Metaverse, where users and creators can come together to interact.  KIRKBI CEO, Soren Thorup Sorensen stated that KIRKBI is also equally excited to assist Epic Games on its Journey towards constructing its Metaverse.

CEO of Epic, Tim Sweeney stated that these funds will go a long way towards the development of the Metaverse project in which different players get the chance to interact with their friends, brands can get the chance to flourish, and creators can develop communities and grow them.

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