Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S Will Be Available at BestBuy

One of the biggest forays into the mainstream is happening quietly while people are talking about Bitcoin dipping under the $19K support line. However, the community should focus on different things. For example, this story is about Ledger partnering with BestBuy to sell their devices in brick & mortar stores across the US. It is certainly a big step toward the potential adoption of crypto on the national level.

Best Buy will be selling flagship products by Ledger

Among commonly used hardware wallets, products from Ledger and Trezor stand out thanks to their simplicity and sleek design. However, Ledger has been ahead with their advanced marketing and a head start. Best Buy’s decision to start distributing Nano X and Nano S devices from Ledger is a big one since the company has 900 locations in the US alone and many physical stores outside of the country.

One of the obstacles on our way to wider adoption is the inaccessibility of easy-to-use hardware wallets that would ground the concept of crypto and allow laymen to start using this seemingly overcomplicated technology that requires a good interface to truly enter the mainstream. Ledger is that interface. Looking like a large flash drive, it is a nice accessory to carry around. It may catch a glance or two and make it easier for millions of people visiting Best Buy to start using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Despite having a good reputation in the crypto community, Ledger is still an underused device. The main motto of the crypto community is that you don’t own your crypto until you own your keys. Well, Ledger allows you to control keys using the military-grade security solution while not overwhelming yourself with spell-weaving technobabble.

Best Buy will bring more users to the crypto industry

BTC and ETH do not need more pumping or a new Bull Run. We need more users who are interested in the utility provided by cryptocurrencies. With more people joining the crypto world after buying a hardware wallet from Best Buy, we will have a much better chance of recovering in the long run.

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