Invest505 Review — Important Questions to Ask About This Broker

Invest505 Review the most suitable brokerage service provider is a challenging endeavor. We want to take a closer look at Invest505, one of the respectable and reliable brokers out there. Despite its long history of success and thousands of active traders working under its wing, many still have questions about its products, policies, and trading conditions.

How good are trading terms at Invest505?

Any trader wants to find the best platform to trade on. Invest505 offers great conditions to all retail traders to ensure that customers can be profitable and stay loyal throughout the years:

  • Flexible spreads. You can find an asset with the spread size that fits your strategy. For example, some spread trading patterns benefit from using assets with lower spreads. Some strategies want more predictability to be reliable.
  • Large leverage. People who want to engage in margin trading will appreciate the size of leverage they can employ to trade derivatives and currency pairs.
  • Diverse financial instruments. Choose from a rich catalog of assets including gold, oil, stocks, indices, and currencies.
  • Fast order execution. To ensure that their retail traders can stay ahead of the curve, the broker offers instant order execution. You will be able to capitalize on minute changes in the market and make a profit with scalping strategies.
  • Commission-free banking. You won’t be subjected to additional fees while depositing or withdrawing funds. However, you should always remember that your payment system or bank may have hidden charges.

Does Invest505 have a good customer support team?

Support specialists are available 24/7 meaning that you can receive assistance at any given moment. You can reach out to representatives of the company using any communication channel:

  • If you have an issue that does not wait, you can inquire in the live chat. You can expect to receive an answer within a couple of minutes.
  • If you want to elaborate on an issue, writing an e-mail is a good choice. The support team processes lengthy requests in two-three hours.
  • Sometimes, visibility is also important. Some issues can be discussed on public platforms like social media sites where you can tag representatives of the brand.

How to add money to your balance at Invest505?

The broker offers several payment methods to clients who want to deposit money. Note that each method has its weaknesses and strong sides.

  • Debit card payments are processed instantly. You can add money to your balance within a couple of minutes which is great when you need to avoid a margin call or see a promising signal from one of your indicators. The downside is that you cannot use debit cards to receive withdrawn earnings.
  • Bank transfers are excellent when your safety is more important than anything else. The only problem is that it takes up to 3 business days to add funds to your balance when you use banks.
  • You can use Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer, and a plethora of other payment systems. The issue here is that the list of available payment systems is different for each country.

How to withdraw money from Invest505?

If earned profits and want to withdraw them, you will need to use bank transfers or, in some exceptional cases, payment systems. However, there are some nuances:

  • Only verified users can withdraw funds. Make sure to undergo the verification process before depositing funds.
  • Withdrawals are often delayed by up to 7 business days. The broker and banks have to double-check everything before confirming a transaction.
  • In some cases, users can withdraw money to payment systems if local regulations allow for such transactions between citizens and brokerage service providers. Inquire in the support system whether you can use this option.

The verdict

Invest505 offers a great product to thousands of its customers — reliable brokerage service. Traders who want to participate in the Forex market should consider choosing this broker. It is an established brand and a classy company that has a large catalog of interesting investment solutions.

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