Ht Prices Rising After The Aboutcompany Deal

Huobi Token today is stated to be among the main coins to be traded. Its price has  increased by seven percent during the last 24 hour period. But is today the right time to buy HT? The cryptocurrency is presently exchanged at a little lower than 7 dollars. The currency is trading higher than most indicators could predict. So, it is seen as one of the most prominent tokens to buy in the near future.

The technical indicators

Positive analysis indicators can signal the investors to start buying the Huobi Token HT, while several others indicate the negative scenario, showing that the coin is overbought. The development of the Huobi Trading platform with the use of HT as an exchange token is expected to increase the value of HT by the end of this month.

The consequences of the AboutCompany purchase 

The trading platform might come up with a purchase agreement. A few weeks ago, an official announcement confirmed that the company has successfully acquired Huobi Global and turned into the largest stakeholder of Hong Kong-based asset management company About Capital Management. Equity of the Huobi’s most significant investor, and the refund amount will not be disclosed.

The financial administration of the company intends to promote the Huobi brand and expand its business internationally. The initial acts of the businessmen led to changes in the trading structure of the exchange. But the new administration does not mean a change in the management of its trading structure and base.

Chinese government regulations on cryptocurrency trading

The Chinese authorities have made it impossible to trade cryptocurrencies recently. That gave  Huobi and AboutCapital a good opportunity to migrate to a country with more favorable and relaxed cryptocurrency laws.  China completely banned the use of crypto on its territory, and that decision led to the establishment of a new company union and the deal between Huobi and AboutCapital (the latter purchased Huobi and completely restructured it).

Now the companies are becoming one large cryptocurrency lender. In the near future, as a part of the restructuring process, the company plans to create a new committee of strategic and global development to further expand the company in other countries.

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