Coinbase And Primer New Crypto Payment Technology

Coinbase and Primer have created a new partnership strategy to make a new standardized crypto payment system.

The new system of crypto payment

Coinbase with the collaboration with Primer makes it easy for merchants around the world to accept crypto payments. Coinbase, the operator of a US-listed blockchain trading platform, and Primer, the world’s leading merchant and payment automation platform, are committed to using crypto-assets as a common paying way among businesspeople all around the globe. Widely announced integrations to facilitate adoption.

Coinbase Commerce project manager Roy Zhang stated that the payment system is changing rapidly, and clients are showing great enthusiasm for cryptocurrency payments. They face lots of challenges nowadays.

The solution, promoted by both groups, is a great fit for merchants as it allows customers to use crypto paying systems as safely and easily as they would with a bank card. Primer shares the Coinbase desire to make crypto an acceptable payment method fully and is strongly engaged in the development of the system.

Benefits from Primer and Coinbase Integration

Compass Mining positions itself standing among the largest and appreciated miners in the world. The cryptocurrency company claims that the Compass has made huge profits. Compass Mining said its trading volume increased compared to the previous month due to high crypto approval and low rejection level.

In addition, the CSO of Compass  Jameson Nunney stated that  the whole team of Compass really appreciates the quick and easy connections made with the Primer platform, such as Coinbase Commerce and other payment providers.

Coinbase is not the merely cryptocurrency trading service to incorporate in the Primer system. It really provides Primer with a quickly growing worldwide system of sellers and buyers and the flexibleness they want to successfully incorporate more paying ways into their cash registers.

For the first time in history, customers will have a chance to control the payment system and the way the trading operations are proceeded. The new Coinbase and Primer solution, developed in this collaboration, may change the way we utilize crypto now. It might become used on a daily basis in the near future.

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