Cardano’s IOHK Teams Up With European Business University Of Luxemburg

IOHK (Input-Output-Hong-Kong), the development organization and a supporting mechanism at the back of Cardano (ADA), made collaboration with EBU (European-Business-University) situated in Luxemburg. The purpose of this partnership is to make several developments in the system of education in emerging countries of Africa related to its equitability, affordability, and accessibility.

Cardano’s latest efforts in Africa

The development and research firm IOHK declared about the participation at the start of this week, stating that the company is delighted to declare about the latest and enthusiastic partnership with EBU. The provider of education has spread in more than 36 international organizations as well as educates 2,000 students across Africa. In this respect, IOHK would target the provision of training programs as well as additional schooling projects around the continent. With this collaboration, the local students would be provided educational materials without any cost.

A certificate program will be initiated by EBU. Rather than tuition, the students would pay just €10 as a commitment fee. The courses from Haskell and Plutus (Cardano’s projects for smart contracts) programs will be offered by the university. Cardano, on its move, grasped the attention of a vast majority of the crypto community previously as the native token has expedited in its dollar value to an ever high position of roughly $3. On-chain data provided by the platforms of social media also endorses that Cardano’s token had been established as the most-discussed asset during some of the previous days.

Cardano has presently entered Tanzania and Ethiopia

The well-known DLT program of Cardano, In April, became a partner with the Ethiopian Education Ministry to develop a system of national ID based on blockchain. Atala PRISM would provide the basis for the network system. The project will permit the construction of protected records regarding the educational performance of up to 750,000 teachers and 5M students from 3,500 schools, through which all the students will acquire digitally verifiable qualifications along with advanced social mobility. The blockchain program kept on expanding through the continent soon after its inauguration. World Mobile and IOHK teamed up to initiate the utility of the Cardano network in the creation of digital communities within Tanzania.

The World Mobile’s CEO praised the network of Cardano for its mission to develop new connectivity and relationship among the people in the provision of which the identity, governance, and ownership participate in strengthening the consumer and offer him open access in a persistent manner.