Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith has Posted a Mysterious Tweet about Ethereum

Crypto adoption is on the rise; these are not the financial institution or technical enterprises that are now loathing for crypto; on the other hand, this is the mainstream media around the globe have come out in support of cryptocurrencies and the idea of decentralization. A recent report is that the son of Will Smith, actor and rapper Jaden Smith, has recognized cryptocurrencies via Twitter. Jaden has made something of a statement in terms of supporting cryptocurrency by posting two different Tweets in a row. Jaden is known not only for his awesome acting, being a former Hollywood star but also an author as well.

He came on Twitter and posted a mysterious ‘ETH’ Tweet that was soon followed by a Web3 publication after that. The very purpose or objective of these tweets remains unknown, but the main reason could be Ethereum hitting another all-time high in the past few days; this might have gotten the attention of Jaden Smith, thus his tweet about the cryptocurrency on Twitter.

The global audience and followers of Jaden Smith have very warmly welcomed these tweets. This is not only great for the cause of crypto adoption but also will help specifically in bringing awareness to the topic of decentralization and the wonders of blockchain technology for the common people. No one knows if the actor himself has made his mind to invest dearly into the crypto market or buy Ether. This might be possible that Jaden would want to expand his investment portfolio, and he has chosen Ether for the task.

Jaden Smith also Owns NFT

That tweet has received 8000 likes and has been retweeted more than 1000 times on Twitter. After a short time, another tweet came out by Jaden saying that he also owns an NFT; his appreciation and exposure to the crypto market is definitely not new. This means that the actor is heavily invested in blockchain technology. This proves that blockchain technology is not only good for shaping the very curvature of our modern finance but could do so for hospitals, entertainment, and many other sectors of life.