Visa Introduces A Program For Content Creators To Help Them Grow Their Businesses Via NFTs

Revealed back in October of last year, the concept for this NFT creator support program has now come into play, as VISA has officially initiated its launch.

Already deeply indulged into the world of crypto and providing massive support for it, VISA is now introducing a new NFT creator support program that will help digital artists to improve their businesses and spread their names across the world.

Massive Market

According to the information shared, VISA is searching for talented entrepreneurs who are interest in the fields such as, art, music, fashion and film and are working to bring NFTs into their businesses. In accordance with the data present on Signal Fire, around 50 million individual artists have considered the content they make as a viable source of money, with a report from Influencer Marketing Hub, highlighting that the creator market has an overall size greater than a staggering $100 Billion.


Head of Crypto at VISA, Cuy Sheffield stated that the company has been interest in the world of NFTs for quite some time now, discovering the potential it has on the e-commerce, retail and social media fields. Cuy Sheffield said that with the introduction of this new Creator Support Program, the company wants to assist small businesses to grow and evolve in the world of virtual e-commerce.

Community Driven Program

The Program is intended towards aiding selected creators to develop their influence in both the crypto and the conventional markets. A representative from VISA said that bringing together small creators will develop a strong sense of community buildup and “technical mentorship” and the company thinks that creators with “inspirational stories” will be perfect for acceptance.

Additional Benefits

In addition to that, the approved creators will also have the chance to work with VISA’s various clients and partners, which come to think about it, is a huge benefit for the creators to learn about how the digital asset market works. On top of that VISA’s own appointed team, consisting of product and strategic leaders will be teaching about how trade-offs are evaluated for blockchain networks, smart contracts and NFT trade platforms.

Approved creators will also be receiving a special allowance; however, VISA wasn’t too keen in providing information about it.

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