Trade Galactica Review — Is Trade Galactica Scam or a Legit Broker?

Trade Galactica Review hundreds of brokerage service providers in this highly competitive industry, Trade Galactica has notable advantages and a rich catalog of investment options that allow it to stand head and should be above an average company. It is certainly among the most reliable brands which have been proven many times throughout its long history of success.

Trade Galactica safety measures

The website uses SSL certificates and encrypts all communications with users to ensure that all exchanged data is protected from spying. At the same time, the backend architecture is robust and has antimalware and antiviral software to prevent any attempts by bad actors at stealing data or messing with the service in any way.

User data is never shared with third parties. It is one of the principal points in the privacy policy document. You can further protect yourself and your information by using VPN, following basic internet safety rules, and employing safety measures like two-factor authentication.

Trade Galactica compatible terminals

There are several options all traders can choose from. Whether you have a simple yet repetitive strategy or need advanced tools to confirm signals from different sources, you will have a suitable option.

  • The native terminal is a powerful piece of software designed by industry-leading developers. The terminal is packed with features and neat graphical overlays allowing you to quickly gauge the market and make profitable trades. The terminal is also directly connected to several sections of the infrastructure allowing for reliable price tracking and instant market execution without any delays.
  • MetaTrader4 is an old-school application used by over 85% of all Forex traders globally. You can expand it with add-ons, sophisticated strategies created by power users and tested by prominent community members, and plugins that dramatically change functionality and performance. MT4 is something that you should at least try using for extensive market analysis.
  • MetaTrader5 is a more polished version of MT4, but it has way fewer expansions and customization options. However, many users prefer it because it has a powerful mobile version available for iOS and Android devices. MT5 is faster and more reliable, but the absence of expansions and add-ons makes it less versatile. It is used by about 10% of all FX traders.

Trade Galactica educational materials

There are several ways to learn about the Forex market and investment management when you are working with Trade Galactica. The website has a special section where the vast majority of educational materials are gathered for you to explore.

  • Read analytical articles about market situations and learn how to use technical analysis from the best experts in the industry.
  • Use tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions to become a power user of the platform and master its features.
  • Learn more about investment strategies and money management to make informed decisions regarding your capital.
  • Become a VIP client and receive personal consultations, tips, and signals from a dedicated specialist.

Trade Galactica customer support

When using any online service or new technology, you will inevitably encounter difficulties and technical issues that you won’t be able to resolve without any assistance. Trade Galactica has a competent team of specialists ready to help 24/7. While it may be slow to respond during busy periods, its technicians are capable of solving any issue quickly.

Trade Galactica testimonials

Users leave mostly positive reviews about the company and praise its technology, educational materials, financial instruments, trading conditions, and reliable banking in particular. Some negative testimonials stain the seemingly perfect image of this broker with complaints about delayed withdrawals and the limited functionality of the native trading terminal. However, the general vibe that you will get from user reviews is that the broker is reliable and trustworthy.

The main takeaway

The variety of financial products in the assortment offered by Trade Galactica and its strong focus on supporting and guiding customers allow us to firmly state that this broker is not a scam. It is a brand with a long history of success and a good reputation!

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