This Factor Has Experts Feeling Optimistic About Bitcoin (BTC)

Panelists explained their bullish stance about BTC during the latest podcast on Bitcoin Sessions. Experts revealed their optimistic attitudes despite the recent dip under the $40,000 mark. While publishing this content, Bitcoin traded at $40,456.45, gaining 0.67% over the past day (Coinmarketcap data).

Mark Stephany, the theprogressivebitcoiner founder, briefed his bullish reasons for BTC. Stephany advocates a community-driven technique for crypto growth with a massive diversity of fans globally. That echoed the Gemini 2022 Crypto report. The report indicates that 41% of crypto holders surveyed worldwide bought their first crypto in 2021.

Stephany stated that BTC created a community, and people are joining without exiting. He believes more products, podcasts, companies, and content related to BTC is a massive bullish case for the bellwether crypto.

Margot, a BTC Policy institute panelist, added to the subject. She remained excited about Block, Blockstream, and Tesla alliance for green BTC mining operations. Margot stated that crypto undertakings would go public, including total earnings, uptime, and all necessary facets crypto players may need to know.

She trusts that the transparency would excite research publications, leading to increased awareness among multitudes. Remember, BTC has met criticism due to power consumption, and solving the problem would mean a massive victory for the crypto.

Santiment Reports Bullish on BTC

Santiment’s latest tweet showed 25,878 Bitcoin moved out of crypto exchanges. That accounted for the large inflow–outflow difference over the previous five weeks. Experts use this metric to understand market sentiment. Meanwhile, the enormous outflows show whales increasingly optimistic about a bullish cycle for BTC. Such outflow patterns have triggered drastic price increases. Moreover, BTC has sustained the trend for a couple of days.

Such scenarios mean increased security in assets like BTC (for now). Individuals usually withdraw their tokens and keep them in un-custodial wallets or cold storage for a longer heave.

The overall cryptocurrency space attempts a recovery after the latest slump. While writing these lines, the global market value stood at $1.88 trillion, gang 0.34% within the past day.

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