The Bitcoin Has Started Rising And Is Likely To Continue The Trend

Cryptocurrency trader Kaleo posted in his Twitter account that the market is likely to rise by the end of October. His account currently has about 500,000 subscribers. 

Bitcoin regained its weekly and monthly opening levels, rising above $19,500 today. The monthly candle was in the red for most of October, at the previous week the statistics showed the red indicators at closure, and Bitcoin has been lower and trading close to the levels that were present at the beginning of the week. After recovering from the previous rates, Bitcoin prices have returned to the numbers from the beginning of October – merely above nineteen and a half thousand. 

The future of Bitcon prices

CryptoKaleo saw Bitcoin fall to the lowest levels during the last year on May 18. Stock market cap fell down 3x and expected “crypto spread” was down to $17,500. Optimistically, it could return to the $30,000 level. At the beginning of this Fall, the crypto expert tweeted that Bitcoin is likely to reach its past levels faster than most people might guess.

While that Bitcoin cost foretelling is still to come true, CryptoKaleo tweeted earlier this week that he thinks that there still might be a bottom somewhere. This is grounded on the highest levels of the last cryptocurrency bull cycle and the previous several years of market statistics. 

The charts in green

After the last price report, the value levels of Bitcoin rose above significantly. A new chart turning point was opened with a five-minute candlestick. Today, the price of Bitcoin has been rising steadily over the past several days and has now reached its highest level of more than nineteen hundred and a half dollars per one token.

This is really in consensus with Elon Musk’s recent prediction of Bitcoin soon reaching the level of twenty thousand dollars before the CPI announcement earlier this month. Weekly closing time is about to come by the end of the day. If the chart closes in green, it means that Bitcoin will move higher, and the crypto users and enthusiasts are likely to see a wing in cryptocurrency prices. 

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