SUPER, PBR, and BTT Observed Tremendous Price Growth, Backed by Listings and Mainnet Launch

It was by the end of December 3, 2021, when almost the entire cryptocurrency industry experienced a huge plunge. The majority of the cryptocurrencies ended up losing tremendously in their prices and capitalizations.

Fortunately, the cryptocurrency sector survived the sudden assault by the Chinese regulators the industry started recovering again.

While the majority of the cryptocurrencies were experiencing a surge in their prices, three cryptocurrencies found it to be the best opportunity to shine. The first cryptocurrency that earned the spotlight is SuperFarm (SUPER), the second one is PolkaBridge (PBR), and the third one is BitTorrent (BTT).

The data from TradingView provides a clear picture of how these cryptocurrencies managed to gain significant rallies at such a critical time.

Among the three cryptocurrencies, the first one was the cross-chain protocol, known as SuperFarm (SUPER). The protocol specializes in combining the nonfungible tokens and the decentralized finance spaces, making an ecosystem out of them. It is the traders, collectors, and NFT creators that can benefit from such an ecosystem through the open markets.

The data from TradingView shows that it was on December 6, 2021, when the price of SUPER ended up hitting a low price of $1.02. However, by December 7, the tables were turned and SUPER hit a price of $1.81, after observing an 81% surge, a daily high figure.

Even the 24-hour trading volume for SUPER surged, coming all the way up to $323 million, following a 500% increase. The reason behind SUPER gaining so much success after the downtrend was getting enlisted through the Coinbase exchange. SUPER made it to the listing of the second-largest cryptocurrency alongside Spell Token (SPELL) and PolkaStarter (POLS), gaining such growth.

The second cryptocurrency is PolkBridge (PBR), which is a multichain protocol based on a decentralized network. The particular protocol is known for forming a bridge between other networks and the Polkadot network. It has been launched as an all-in-one platform for the users offering several features. These features include an NFT marketplace, prediction markets, token launchpads, lending, and an automated market maker (AMM).

The data from TradingView clearly shows how PBR’s price surged from $0.85 on December 6, all the way up to $1.71 on December 7. This shows that its price experienced a 99.4% surge within a matter of 24-hours. Even the 24-hour trading volume for PBR went up to $10.2 million following an 80% surge.

The third network is a torrent platform plus a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol known as BitTorrent (BTT). The team behind the development of BTT announced that they would soon be launching the BitTorrent Chain mainnet. The data from TradingView shows that on December 5, 2021, BTT’s score on the VORTECS platform reached 82 ratings. This triggered a huge rally for the protocol and its price surged 75% on the very same day.