Secretum Is Looking to Expand Across Asia and Africa

Secretum, a decentralized messaging platform founded on Solana, is looking to expand throughout Asia and Africa. Users can exchange SMS and trade digital currencies as quickly as getting messages sent on Secretum. It is the perfect reply for the Asia and Africa marketplaces due to the vast quantity of underfunded individuals and the rise in the utilization of mobile transfers.

Benefitting from the Megatrends of Mobile and Cryptocurrency Convergence With Secretum

Secretum is a Solana Blockchain-based decentralized, encoded, and safe SMS DApp. Unlike cloud-based apps utilized in sending messages, all communications are completely encoded and kept on authorized nodules in its platform, so cyber attackers are incapable of entering them. The safest and most confidential sign-up method, which just requires the cryptocurrency wallet address of the customer — no more worries about private security breaches or government involvement, that’s a particular threat in numerous African and Asian nations.

Clients responsible for SMSing and making provisions for nodes for the purpose of raising the Secretum network are given incentives with stakes and the original SER token. The capability Solana features for 50k trading activities each second as well as an average charge for activities of around $0.00025 enable the recording of cheap prices and virtually immediate trades.

Secretum as The Best App for Trades and Messages in Asia and Africa

The Asian and African marketplaces have had enormous increments within the past 12 months. The cryptocurrency industry in Africa witnessed a sum of $105.6B worth of cryptocurrencies moved from July 2020 and June 2021, indicating an increase of almost 1200 percent. Last year there was anticipated to be 243M mobile cash wallets in Asia, with African mobile payments exchanging approximately $490B. 

The marketplace has become habituated with exchanging money, trading, and communicating via P2P mobile applications. It enters this well known marketplace, but with a technically sophisticated answer. The majority of the trades were P2P, which has successfully shown to be a greater choice to the present financial difficulties. Leading to a shortage of a solid economic framework, volatile fiat currencies, and costly transfer networks, Asians and Africans are resorting to cryptocurrency.

It allows NFT proprietors as well as traders communicate with one another using just their wallet address — safely, instantly, and at the minimum charges possible. This will create a totally new cash grade for African and Asian cryptocurrency investors for spreading and safeguarding their holdings. Traders are capable of communicating directly with one another and discover concealed cash in the cryptocurrency marketplace, minimizing slippage and boosting implementation speeds.

Secretum likewise permits people to make investments securely in cryptocurrencies and initiatives that have been verified. It may be used in creating powerful trade applications for managing and investing in cryptocurrencies. It is important remembering that customers are compensated with the original SER token following the process of getting their token staked. The usefulness of SER is to compensate customers that send SMS and for giving nodes to help the platform grow.