Play-to-Earn Fantasy Esports Platform Stattrak Launches BTC Rewards With ZEBEDEE

A mobile-based forum for the play-to-earn type of fantasy esports platform, Stattrak, has initiated Bitcoin rewards in collaboration with a fintech developer (offering Bitcoin services to the gaming companies) called ZEBEDEE that integrates Bitcoin (BTC) economies into digital worlds, as per a press release. The target of Stattrak is to provide a matchless experience of esports, along with new methods to get involved in fantasy leagues, to the devoted fans, as stated by the platform’s CEO and founder Rafael Augusto.

The free-to-play platform permits the users to take part in a cost-effective way, as well as the chance to earn Bitcoin after the prominent players across the globe’s biggest esports games such as CS: GO, and League of Legends. Augusto added that the plat-to-earn competencies, as well as the latest ZEBEDEE integration, would provide the fans with rewards in return for their interest in watching the CS: GO league as well as the League of Legends which are prestigious across the globe.

Via the Lightning Network, a scaling solution utilized for BTC-based micropayment transactions, Bitcoin payments can efficiently be integrated into ZEBEDEE with considerable economic charges. In this way, the consumers are allowed to acquire real-time BTC rewards during every round without having to pay, instead of waiting for the end of the whole game. ZEBEDEE’s CEO, Simon Cowell, expressed being thrilled for witnessing the swiftness of Stattrak in launching the BTC-based gaming facilities for the players thereof, with just a few days to go for the actual implementation of them.

During the recent months, rapid growth has been seen in the market of fantasy league-based play-to-earn virtual economies which are backed by Bitcoin. He disclosed to be much excited about seeing the rise of Bitcoin by launching on a globe-wide scale along with stepping into an exclusive world of fantasy esports. At present, the fantasy leagues have in advance allured a vast number of people.

However, the latest development of integrating the primary cryptocurrency to this space has provided a foray for another flood of consumer base pursuing crypto-based tech facilities. The consumers would take more interest in becoming a part of the spiking community on having provided with crypto rewards. The mobile-based application of Stattrak is currently available through iOS as well as the Google Play store.

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