OrbitGTM Review – Why Should You Join This Trading Platform?

OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM is a trader-oriented broker that intends to make the trading career of many traders in the financial market. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies or other trading assets, you’ll have to find a broker who can accommodate you, which is not difficult to do nowadays. The only issue is all of them are not capable of performing up to the standards. You clearly want the approach to go as smoothly as possible, and that can only happen if you hire a skilled firm to assist you. How do you go about locating one? This OrbitGTM review might offer you an idea of what to expect from them.

Have you been following the crypto market? This market has grown fast in recent months, and many professional investors have jumped on board to take advantage of the profits. You must know that in 2009 no one believed in this industry. They thought it like some trick to steal your money. Some people took the risk and invested a minimal amount in it. After being patient for years, now they are getting rewards. Cryptocurrency is unregulated currencies that are held under any governing authority, which makes it more unique.

When you conduct an Internet search for a brokerage firm, you will discover that there are plenty of results. You may trade more than just cryptos; there are a variety of other trading assets available, and these firms are set up to assist investors in doing so. Even while there are many options, the problem is that many of these firms lack essential features, are outdated, or are outright dodgy and untrustworthy. As a result, you can’t just pick one randomly.

There is a number of brokerage firms that appear to provide similar services, which might be confusing because you don’t know what to hunt for or how to reach a choice. Checking what perks a firm may give and making your decision based on that information is one of the greatest ways to filter through the choices. When you choose one broker over another, you obviously want to gain certain benefits. One of the brokers that have been built to give trading services is OrbitGTM.

They are present in over 60 nations and have earned a reputation for providing competitive and fair trading services. But what advantages do they have that render them a great option for you? The following are a few of them:

Trading Assets

Does it make sense to trade in an asset you don’t know much about it? Obviously not. Then what to do if you want to trade in a variety of assets? The easiest option is to find a versatile broker or find multiple brokers offering those assets. The latter option is hectic, and dealing with many platforms will exhaust you.

One of the first benefits that OrbitGTM provides to its customers is a wide range of trading assets. Rather than relying on a specific financial market and delivering a restricted number of trading assets, they have opted to include over 200 options from other marketplaces on their platform. Their platform can provide you with entry to the most lucrative financial markets in this way. It is advantageous since it eliminates the need to search for multiple platforms to trade different assets. You’ll be able to diversify your investment portfolio by finding them all in one spot.

This can enable you to manage your risks since even if a market falls, the other rises, and you won’t have to lose a lot of money. On OrbitGTM, you can explore the following markets:

  • Commodities

The commodities sector is one of the marketplaces that is famous for its regular profits and consistency. It’s a wonderful alternative for traders with a low-risk tolerance who want to trade a variety of assets. Valuable metals such as gold, platinum, and silver, as well as energy such as oil and gas, and agricultural commodities such as maize, coffee, cotton, sugarcane, and wheat, are available.

  • Forex

The foreign exchange market, which is renowned for its fluctuation, is overflowing with exchange rates that can create significant returns for traders. OrbitGTM offers major, minor and exotic currency pairs. You need to go for the pair about whom you have enough understanding.

You can pick from a variety of currencies pairs, including EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, AUD/NZD, and EUR/GBP.

  • Cryptocurrencies

The cryptomarket is another business that has become known for its high returns. Because of the enormous returns they generate, cryptocurrencies have become perhaps one of the most in-demand assets these days. The price of one bitcoin was in a few bucks, and look at it now. It reaches over 63,000 USD. After the success of bitcoin, crypto developers developed many other cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of names on the list. Some offer high returns but investing in some of their results in an obvious loss. So which cryptocurrency to choose for trading? If you don’t know, then leave it to professionals. You should for an option that is tested and rewarding.

OrbitGTM has expanded its cryptocurrency products to include BTC, ETH, LTC, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero. All of these cryptocurrencies are making the trading career profitable for crypto traders.

  • Stocks

The stocks have traditionally been connected with trading, and it provides a variety of chances for investors to benefit by allowing them to exchange shares in some of the world’s most well-known corporations. You’ll find Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Tesla, and Mercedes, etc.

  • Indices

The indices market trades baskets of stocks rather than individual equities like the stock market does. On OrbitGTM, you’ll find some of the top indexes, including FTSE 100 AND S&P 500.

All of the markets are rewarding. Having this platform accessible to you, you can easily diversify your portfolio. You can shift from one market to another, seeing the opportunity in that. OrbitGTM is a sensible choice in terms of trading assets.

Educational Assistance

If you want to quickly see whether a broker is reliable or not, just go to their website and see if educational material is available or not. Also, see that whether it is transparent or not. The reason is, a fake and bogus broker won’t provide educational material, as this is like educating beginners. Fake brokers want to keep their customers in shadow. While a trustworthy broker is not afraid of anything, it provides everything that a trader needs in order to have in-depth knowledge of the trading world.

Online trading is full of revenue-generating opportunities, but it’s vital to realize that if you don’t understand what you’re doing, you may lose a lot of wealth. If your fortune is on your side, you might be able to make only a few successful deals, but if it goes away, you could lose your life’s savings. To be successful in the trading world, you must have a thorough knowledge of trading markets and how they operate. Long-term success necessitates a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of trading.

OrbitGTM has shown to be particularly diligent in this area, as they have compiled a substantial amount of learning material and instructional tools for their clientele. They recognize that their trader’s progress depends on having accurate information, and the materials they offer can help you refine your talents. This content, which is accessible in a variety of formats, can be used by both beginners and experienced traders. Trading classes, a glossary that explains the meanings of trading terms, trading tutorials covering various parts of trading, and webinars led by market specialists are all available.

Several Trading Accounts

The options and freedom supplied in regards to trading accounts will determine whether or not you can start trading easily with a broker. Most organizations offer a variety of account types to satisfy traders with different risk appetites, capital, and trading techniques. A similar path has been taken by OrbitGTM. However, their trading accounts are far more broad and versatile than those found on other brokers. The traders have four options available to them:

  • Basic Account

The Basic account was developed to help users who are just getting started in the trading world, and it requires a $250 minimum investment. The traders have access to customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist them in finding answers to their inquiries and addressing issues. When they first start out, they are given leverage of 1:50 and a 10% no markup loan on their deposit. This account has a maximum investment limit of 4,999 dollars.

  • Silver Account

The Silver account was created for moderate traders who are a level up from newbies. For account opening, they must deposit $5,000 and get leverage of 1:100. They can raise their deposit in this account to a maximum of $24,999. Their zero-interest loan has also been enhanced to 20%.

  • Gold Account

Advanced traders might choose to open a Gold account on the broker’s platform by investing $25,000. They are given a 1:200 leverage and a 30% no markup loan, as well as several other benefits. They have direct access to their account manager, receive free monthly trade conferences, daily market evaluations, event assessment, and trading notifications, as well as a one-on-one instructional curriculum and VIP coaching program. A $100,000 investment in Gold Accounts for the maximum investment that can be made.

  • Platinum

This is the most advanced a costly account in terms of minimum investment. This account offers the best trading services to customers who opt to join this account. Traders who are experienced and professional might choose the Platinum account, which has the greatest leverage of 1:400. It raises the no-interest loan to 40% and adds free trading indicators, event trading, and a comprehensive financial planning plan to the blend. This account requires a $100,000 initial commitment, but it has no limit on how much you can grow your investment.

Trading Platform

The trading platform is one of the most significant characteristics of any broker in online trading. This is the feature that enables you to trade in the marketplace and keeps you linked so you can spot and seize opportunities. To provide value to the customer, the trading platform must have the appropriate technology and tools. It can damage your trading career and overall revenue if it lacks the necessary features and services. It’s critical to understand exactly what sort of trading platform a brokerage may offer you. Otherwise, your trading will suffer.

You don’t need to be afraid about OrbitGTM’s platform, as they created it themselves using modern and sophisticated technologies. This has enabled them to employ an attractive interface that is simple to learn and use, allowing all traders to trade efficiently, whether they are newbies or experienced. The platform does not slow or crash, allowing traders to execute orders quickly. You may make trades with just one click and have no concern about losing out on any possibilities because transactions are completed swiftly.

You can trade several instruments from a single platform, and all trades are displayed in real-time. Furthermore, you have the option of customizing the layout to your liking. For risk assessment, OrbitGTM has incorporated a variety of charting features, technical indications, trading notifications, market calendars, trading indicators, and several order types. They’ve also added support for the apple and Android ecosystems, allowing their customers to trade on their mobile phones. The platform works effortlessly on smartphones and does not require any type of installation in a web-based version.

This is a significant benefit because it eliminates the need to maintain the program up to date. You’ll be able to manage your trading account from any place and take advantage of any advantages that present themselves.

High-Quality Security

If a broker offers access to top markets in the financial world, with amazing customer support and lags in security, I won’t recommend going for such an option. Almost every day, we hear the news headlines about a new cybersecurity incident. Websites are hacked, and personal information and money are stolen. These dangers exist in online trading, and traders must move with care if they are not to fall victim to them. It is the broker’s obligation to safeguard the data and assets you disclose with them, and you must confirm that your chosen broker is capable of doing so. OrbitGTM does not fail in this regard, as they have taken cybersecurity seriously.

Because they understand how important the data given by their users are, you can expect the best security procedures. They also do everything necessary to keep their investments secure. To begin with, they use cutting-edge encryption technologies and software to keep all data safe from illegal access. They’ve also opted to keep all funds in segregated accounts and retain accounts with reputable banks for security reasons. OrbitGTM assures that your funds are not misused and that they are only used for trading purposes.

Traders will also notice that the platform has adopted the well-known AML and KYC measures to reduce the risk of identity theft, money laundering, bank crimes, and terrorist funding. According to these principles, OrbitGTM demands users to produce documentation proving their identity and address in order to avoid the creation of false accounts on their site. Before you may use the trading account to make any trades, your documentation must be confirmed.

Customer Service 

Although a broker’s assets, trading platform, and security may entice you, it is their customer service that will keep you committed to them in the long term. Trading is a difficult effort, and when you are utilizing a new platform, you may have tons of questions or face complications. You need aid right soon in these cases because the price changes in a split second, and you could lose a lot of money if you don’t fix the issue. Customer service is critical in this situation, and OrbitGTM has delivered.

You’ll notice that they’ve introduced a variety of customer service channels to their website to guarantee that their users don’t have to wait. You can approach their team 24/7 a week via email, online contact form, or phone number listed on the OrbitGTM homepage. They’ve also included a list of frequently asked questions for their customers’ convenience and advice. You can look through them to see whether your issue can be fixed that way, or you can contact customer service through one of the methods.


After reading the features offered, you might understand now why I am recommending this broker to you. It offers cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, stocks, and forex. It offers multiple trading accounts that are suitable for multiple kinds of traders based on investment, risk tolerance, and experience.

OrbitGTM also provides good trading conditions and customer service. They are responsive, competent, and personable, and they have built the ideal trading atmosphere for their customers. You can rely on OrbitGTM to supply you with the trade services you require once you have learned everything there is to know about them.