New Study Reveals 30% Of Women In US Want to Purchase Crypto This Year

A study by BlockFi disclosed that women from the United States have begun moving toward crypto as one-third of the participants expressed intention to purchase virtual assets till 2022’s end. BlockFi – the crypto lending venue – surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. women to find their sentiments and awareness regarding the sector of virtual assets. According to the findings, one among every three females has the intention to make the crypto investment by this year’s end, whereas 60% assert to buy in the coming three months.

Women attempting to enter crypto space

With time, continuous progress is being witnessed in the prominence of digital assets during the previous year. Nonetheless, a noteworthy thing is a substantial gender gap because a huge number of people pursuing the respective space are men.  As per the latest study by BlockFi, a growing involvement is being witnessed on the behalf of women. 30% out of the cumulative 1,031 surveyed women were inclined toward purchasing crypto in the approaching 90 days.

Awareness of cryptocurrency among women is additionally rising. 92% of the survey participants acknowledged having noticed the assets like altcoins and Bitcoin. The crypto industry is normally considered to be a financial instrument having the potential of assisting people to accomplish certain individual targets.

One among the five women participants of the survey mentioned investing in this field to buy a home or collect funding for a vacation. The participants’ 14% are confident for Bitcoin to suitably serve for long-term holding. At the very time, only 4% consider NFTs to have use cases of the same kind.

Some participants are in advance HODLers

Out of the survey women,   24% acknowledged having owned digital assets, whereas 70% of them are HODLers (with having purchased crypto for more than years).  Up to half of the participants said that they were aware of the procedure to buy crypto. As compared with this,  just 23% of them knew the respective procedure six months back. Bitcoin (BTC) is distinctively the prominent among the assets for the demographic team as 71% selected it.

Dogecoin was positioned in second place with 42% whereas 18% ranked Ethereum and it got the third rank. Women additionally witness job opportunities across the industry. One among every 10 participants claimed that the crypto sector is the most promising sector for a career.

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