New NFT Snacks Launched In Honor Of Upcoming FIFA World Cup

With a brand-new limited issue of NFT meals and a special electronic content for fans, well-known meal company Frito-lay has launched a campaign for the FIFA World Cup. Announcing the approaching launch of specially individualized NFTs to football fans the North America’s largest food company and well-known snack maker, has announced that it will be giving away FIFA-inspired NFTs.

On October 1, Frito-Lay will start selling NFTs, announcing it on its website with a press release. The new Challenge, a digital competition created to get football enthusiasts ready for the upcoming World Cup, will award participants with one-of-a-kind NFTs, according to Frito-lay. The Challenge is the 2nd of several activities that Frito-Lay is hosting as part of its campaign.

Ball passing

Beginning in October football supporters are taking part in the new challenge across North America. Frito-lay will use creative user-made messages to request enthusiasts to sign up on the platform and put their looks on a huge electronic football ball. The company wants to bring fans together by encouraging them to support the football World competition teams.

Clicking on various images inside the soccer ball allows campaign participants to see which team other people are supporting, and supporters who receive NFTs can personalize them with photos. Make sure to sign up early because the first 350,000 NFTs will be distributed. I

n honor of the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, Frito-Lay has introduced three new global-inspired snack flavors that are only available while supplies last. Frito-Lay is a regional sponsor of the World football competition in North America.

The tastes and flavors

On Oct. 19 the company also presented 3 new flavors that were inspired by the World Cup and an interactive online contest where fans could win soccer-related goods and prizes, such as tickets to the FIFA finals. The World Cup experience at home is improved by Frito-Lay – a combination of different flavors and seasoning, inspired by a well-known American dish, a rich flavor of carnitas-style pork tacos are among the new appetizers. Others include Carnitas Street Tacos.

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