New Crypto-game To Gain Passive Income With

Battle Infinity is a service for NFT gaming experience  with multiple fighting games which are operating on a system, when you have to invest some money to gain income and profit. The game allows players not only to explore the fighting scenarios and earn income, but also to explore the variety of features and the metaverse opportunities to enjoy.

Battle Infinity is a modern virtual reality system with a most recently released betting service that allows players to earn monetary profits by giving a 25% yearly return.

Can the price of the Infinity Battle Token (IBAT) be trusted? 

After the official release of the crypto-game, lots of people have already invested and became engaged with the game. This cryptocurrency system has a solid backing and is  trusted by many people. 

There is also a rating system inside the game. While participating in in-game activities, the players must not withdraw the money for a set period of time. If they manage to do so, then they can receive rewards and other passive income perks.

Flexible layout

This staking style allows users to store a certain number of coins on their personal account wallet and use those tokens to earn 12% APY. Users can use these tokens to reinvest their profits and withdraw funds at any time.

To get the whole number of available  APY, users must store the named amount of coins on the platform and not withdraw them for a certain period of time. However, there will be a 10% fee for opting out before the deadline, and players will not receive any charges for their engagement.  

Total IBAT levied on the bet

Since the official release of the NFT-based game, over $4.6 million of his crypto-coin has been purchased thousands of times. Future project investors will receive an annual income of 25% from their deposits.

The future

The future of the crypto-games remains highly optimistic. And although the price of the IBAT might get volatile and unstable, the overall value of the token increases. Lots of people see in such games an opportunity for passive income and financial stability.

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