NBA Merch Designer Taps Blockchain Tech To Put an End To World Hunger

Shawn Kurz, a merch designer at NBA, while not providing coffee for prominent retailers or designing merch for NBA, is combating world hunger by having assistance from blockchain technology. With an enthusiasm to rectify the deficiencies of the conventional systems of charity, Kruz constructed FCG (FoodChain Global), an institution that utilizes a blockchain-based ecosystem and supports the charitable endeavors targeting to minimize worldwide hunger.

By having assistance from a former engineer of military systems, Cody Boyd, to drive run a blockchain development group, the FCG released crypto asset products such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and FOOD (the native token of FoodChain Global) to utilize the gains to provide foodstuff to food banks. It was stated by Kruz that the objective of the project is to fight the globe-wide hunger with a continuous provision of digital products related to the crypto world. In his words, there is a requirement for the latest digital products to offer an unlimited supply of food and help terminate the hunger disaster.

He added that several blockchain projects, particularly meme coins, do not facilitate the real world. He persuades the community to forget about the fuzz and let the prominent business frontrunners present the technology’s good aspects. At present, crypto-based merchandise clothing stock, NFTs, and FOOD tokens (which are based on Polygon blockchain) have been released by FCG. The profits were utilized to provide food to Haven on the Queensway, and Daily Bread Food Bank.

He disclosed that the majority of those who donate funds to charity only donate without bothering the solid proof that the respective money is being spent in that way. Nonetheless, he elaborated, the people purchasing FOOD tokens would be conveniently capable of tracking their funds over the blockchain explorer of Polygon. By checking out the openly-accessible transactions over Polyscan, people can find out the information regarding the assets’ transfer within the ecosystem of FCG.

In this way, the tracking over any donated amount could be performed and the public can hold the firm accountable. In the meantime, crypto charities specified for diverse causes are becoming growingly prominent. Several blockchain-based ventures have taken part in philanthropic endeavors, collecting a substantial amount of money in millions of dollars. In 2021’s February, The Giving Block (a venue for crypto donations) reported that a momentous upsurge (of nearly 16 times) was witnessed in crypto donations during the previous year.

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