Lil Baby Said He Lost Millions Committing To Cryptos

The well-known musician talks about losing a lot on the radio interview. Much of the speech concentrated on the way the singer has changed himself after the popularity. Lil Baby once expressed a wish to be a great father and an entrepreneur.

The failed investment

Sway then asked Lil Baby if he remembered the failed investing decisions he made and how he felt. The rap singer describes putting money in Bitcoin as a more reliable and safer alternative to gambling, but admits that investing is a growing experience. He told, that he was talking about making money with crypto, but eventually lost it. He stated that he was in serious trouble.

He has his own cryptocurrency team, but despite his firm belief in their engineering, he says the situation is not likely to change. That was a great loss for him.

British rap singer Jay Jay Olatunzi, known as KSI, has said he will be offering £100 worth of bitcoin to all British citizens. He has earlier proposed that cryptocurrencies will play an important role in future financial schemes. Back then, the singer has put more than $2.5 millions of his saving in the crypto token LUNA, expecting a quick recovery. Now tokens are close to zero, leaving KSI with millions of pounds left in his pocket. His economic sense now seems unreliable. 

The great loss of money

More and more famous people experimenting with cryptocurrencies, Lil Baby and KSI aren’t the 1st celebrities to lose money in a failed real estate investing. Many personalities were active during the non-fiat bubble era, some too late. Logan Paul is another unfortunate person of NFT investment failures. Last year, the ill-famed Youtuber stepped in when NFT was sold for millions of pounds.

However, his enthusiasm didn’t seem to be shared, and he lost a lot of money. Paul admits his NFT, which was purchased for over $620,000, is yet valued for just $10. But NFTs are just a small part of a huge collection that has been cost around £2.24m last year.

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