Global CTB Review – What Makes This Broker Different From Others?

Global CTB Review

The world of online trading can be a tricky place to successfully navigate through, and that is exactly why you need a broker like Global CTB to help you. You see, this broker is a respected and dedicated CFD (Contract for Differences) provider, and it has been quite successful in helping traders from all over the world earn substantial profits. When traders sign up with this broker, they are given access to some of the top leading financial markets as well as a strong and diverse asset index, which involves some truly great tradable assets that the broker’s clients can work with on a daily basis. Furthermore, even if you are a brand-new trader in the online trading industry, you are more than likely to discover that the trading instruments and tools provided by this broker will correspond to your overall level of expertise, knowledge, and experience level and so you will never have to worry about being in over your head or working with something that you do not understand. To that end, it has also provided some great educational resources that can help you as well. Ultimately, this broker’s goal is to offer its clients a user-friendly, modern and most importantly, profitable trading environment and platform, which we believe it has managed to achieve. With that being said, let us now look into everything that this broker has offered to you in this detailed Global CTB review.

Trading platform

To begin with, let us discuss Global CTB’s trading platform. Upon further observation, we noticed that the trading platform provided by this broker had been designed with the goal of helping the traders make profitable gains and making the overall process of trading an effective and simple one. The broker, therefore, depends on continuous security updates as well as the overall usability of its platform in order to promote a swift trading experience alongside its ability to guarantee data protection that will be provided to the traders at all times.

There is the web-based platform, which is a highly intuitive software and does not require any kind of installation or lengthy download process to use. Furthermore, thanks to the web-based trading platform, traders are given access to an economic calendar, one-click trading, and analytical tools, which are highly useful trading instruments that can be utilized by both seasoned veterans and new traders alike. It is also compatible with essentially any browser and all devices which have a stable Internet connection. These devices include smartphones that are both iOS and Android compatible. It additionally offers a customizable outlook as well as trading actions that are useful for everyone.

Regarding the broker’s mobile-based platform, you will quickly discover that the trading interface has been simplified and that you can trade on the go with relative ease. You will find a full list of the top exchanges available when you use the mobile base platform. Additionally, updates are applied on a continuous basis, and the client preferences along with customer feedback-driven innovations are the order of the day here. Lastly, all trading activities can be conducted with just a few clicks and are incredibly fast as well. One aspect of the trading platform for Global CTB which really sets it apart from its competitors is that of the station platform.

You see, this is the newest platform software that has been designed in order to grant the broker’s traders an optimal and smooth trading experience. Once again, this platform can be used by all devices regarding every single service and feature that you can think of, and the interface is highly user-friendly and offers plenty to work with. The controls are fully customizable, and you will also be given access to some of the most high-quality trading tools, such as a built-in economic calendar as well as one-click trading.

Having such an intuitive trading platform is thus of the utmost importance, as it is through this interface that you will be carrying out all of your trading activities with any given broker. It is therefore worth considering this Global CTB for its trading platform alone as it truly is one of the best that we have ever witnessed in this industry and offers pretty much everything that you would need to have and more in order to be successful in the online trading sector.

The fact that you can also access this platform via virtually any device is also extremely beneficial as through its innovative design, you can either trade comfortably at home, or you can take your trading on the go. In other words, you can trade from anywhere across the globe, so long as you have a device that possesses the aforementioned stable Internet connection.

Asset index

Regarding Global CTB’s asset index, we have already mentioned that it is both strong as well as diverse, and this is proven by the fact that it offers trading capabilities in forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. Let us now look at each of these in detail, as by doing so, you will get an idea about each category, and this may influence your decision regarding what to ultimately invest in. We would personally recommend that you opt for a diversified portfolio, as this will increase the chances of earning more profits while also lessening the likelihood of incurring losses.

For forex, clients will be able to trade with various fiat currencies against each other. When you sign up with Global CTB, you will practice, learn and finally improve your respective trading skills by being given access to basic forex trading actions and terminologies as well as trading history along with action calculations. Furthermore, you will also have access to minor, major and exotic currencies, advanced trading strategies, and long-term trading strategies, as well as planning. For cryptocurrencies, various cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world have been facilitating the successful buying, purchasing, and trading of numerous crypto assets for over a decade now.

While it is true that cryptocurrency trading carries a greater level of risk and volatility, the ability to earn more money is usually worth the risk for many traders. However, you should also know what you’re doing, and that is exactly where this broker comes in. You see, when you choose Global CTB, you will have the ability to learn all you can about the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as well as a lot of other alternative coins (altcoins), and you will be given access to a cryptocurrency portfolio management service as well.

Moreover, you will also be given access to long-term and short-term cryptocurrency trading tactics and strategies, the idea of ‘holding and finally be given sensible investment advice along with evolved security to cater to all of your cryptocurrency trading needs. Some of the top-performing cryptocurrencies within this year alone involve Bitcoin Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP). You can trade with all of these and more when you sign up with Global CTB.

Regarding stocks, these represent minuscule fragments of any given company essentially, and stocks have been widely considered to be a comparatively much safer option than cryptocurrencies. However, it is still important to know all you can about these and which ones to trade with in order to be successful. When you sign up with this broker, there are many approaches that you can take in order to trade with stocks, and all of these can be explored thoroughly with Global CTB.

You will be given access to the trading basics concerning stocks, full portfolio management, a trading plan as well as in-depth market research, risk management tools, and a lot of diversity for your stock trading needs. For indices, these represent the accumulated value of several stocks. Global CTB would therefore provide advice on the big picture analysis concerning indices, as well as highly beneficial trading opportunities along with long-term investment planning and strategies.

Similarly, for commodities, you will be given assistance and knowledge on both soft and hard commodity segregation, the fundamentals concerning commodities, futures contracts, enhanced portfolio diversity, and finally, speculation calculations and investment assessments on a long-term basis.

Account options

Now let’s discuss the different types of accounts that are available to you when you sign up with Global CTB. When it comes to this broker, you will have the choice of selecting from the most suitable account types, which would be in accordance with your personal trading style, needs, and overall preferences. With that being said, there are four different account types that are offered by this broker, so let’s talk about each one in detail. Firstly, we have the standard or ‘Bronze’ option.

When you choose this account type, you will be given access to 24/7 live support, an online financial course, one on one training sessions, access to different metals, energies, world indices, as well as minor and major forex trading options. Next, we have the ‘Gold’ account option. Here, you will also have access to 24/7 live support, an online financial course, one on one training sessions, access to eBooks, access to metals, energies, world indices, agriculture, and minor, as well as made Forex trading options.

After this, we have the ‘Platinum’ account option, which features 24/7 live support, an online financial course, one on one training sessions, access to eBooks, access to webinars and an analyst manager, access to metals, energies, world indices, agriculture, and minor as well as major forex trading options.

Finally, we have the ‘Diamond’ option, which has 24/7 live support, a free VPS service, access to an online financial course, and one on one training sessions along with eBooks, webinars, and an analyst manager. You will also be given access to metals, energies, world indices, agriculture, and minor, as well as major forex trading options. Keep in mind that the trade size will differ for each account option, with it being 0.01 for the ‘Bronze’ account type, 0.1 for the ‘Gold’ account type, 0.2 for the ‘Platinum’ account option, and finally 0.5 for the ‘Diamond’ account type.


Next, let’s discuss the safety and security aspects. We do not need to tell you that the world of online trading, as profitable as it is, is also one that can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing, and especially if you don’t know who to trust as everything has become increasingly digitalized these days. Choosing a safe and secure broker can hence be rather difficult because you would usually not meet the entity that you are dealing with face to face, and as such, it can be hard to place your trust in any given online brokerage. That is why we are here to tell you that Global CTB has put a few policies in place which are designed to safeguard its clients, the funds, and all of the personal and sensitive information.

With that being said, the broker’s ‘Privacy’ policy was created with the objective of making sure that no personal details, which will be provided to the broker during the course of actually making a trading account as well as during any ongoing training activities, shall be leaked to any kind of 3rd party or intermediary without your consent. Furthermore, Global CTB collects the personal information of its clients through several secure ways such as online forms, uploading the files to the brokerage’s database, through automated processes such as browsers, operating systems and IP addresses, and email correspondence. Also, the information which is given to the broker via the phone or a secure online chat is another method that Global CTB may gather the personal information of its traders.

Moreover, thanks to the KYC and AML policies put in place by this broker, you will never have to worry about unsavory individuals joining Global CTB’s community either. As such, only genuine and honest traders will be signing up with this broker, and this will also eliminate the chances of harmful malware or bots infiltrating Global CTB’s systems.

Additionally, do keep in mind that the broker reserves the right to ask for some extra information about yourself, and although this would normally be done on a case-by-case basis, it is nevertheless a necessary step in order to provide you with a sense of security, safety, and comfort as you carry out your respective online trading activities. Lastly, we would recommend that you take your time to carefully go through the various terms and conditions outlined by Global CTB before actually signing up, and these can also be found on the broker’s official website.

Customer support

Finally, let’s talk about Global CTB’s customer support service. It is very easy to get in touch with the customer support team as all you would have to do is go to the broker’s official website and fill out an online form. In the form, you will be asked to enter your first and last name, a working phone number and email address, the country where you are currently residing, and a brief overall message describing your problem.

Alternatively, you may also make a direct phone call, or you can reach the team through an email address that is mentioned on the same page under the ‘Contact Us’ section on the broker’s website. It is, therefore, a simple matter of contacting the team, and even the most inexperienced trader can do it, although we would recommend that you try and describe your problem in as much detail as possible as this will help the team know what to do and will save a lot of hassle and time.

Usually, as per our own observations, the response time for the customer support service to get back to you is usually not that long, and you can therefore rest easy knowing that no matter what problem you may face while trading online, it would be fixed in a timely and effective manner.

In an industry that is as fast-paced as the online trading sector, it is hence of the utmost importance to choose a brokerage that offers such a reliable and fantastic customer support service. Believe us when we say that the last thing which you would want while trading online is to run into some unexpected issue that can cripple your trading activities, such as not being able to log into your account, for instance.

Closing remarks

In summary, it is therefore clearly evident that Global CTB is a highly reliable, trustworthy, and top-of-the-line online brokerage. It has been known to offer a lot of diversity to its respective traders, and you will be able to have a smooth, profitable, and successful online trading journey when you choose to sign up with this broker. Also, no matter what may happen during the course of your online trading endeavors, you can rest easy knowing that you shall be taken care of thanks to the broker’s trading platform as well as strong security measures and a fast-acting customer support team.

All in all, this is an absolutely phenomenal online brokerage, and it is definitely worth checking out, which you can do right now by heading on over to the broker’s official website. Once you do, we are confident that you will sign up and start earning more substantial profits as soon as possible.