Gamma Capitals Review — Is Gamma Capitals Scam Or Legitimate?

Gamma Capitals Review several thousand clients from across the globe, Gamma Capitals is one of the most respectable names in the industry evaluated at $2.4 quadrillion. The diversity of financial products offered by this company is quite impressive and allows different types of brokers to build a well-performing portfolio without ever leaving the website of this broker. If you are looking for a trustworthy trading platform that has many positive testimonials from users and offers a diverse lineup of investment packages, you should take a closer look at Gamma Capitals.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gamma Capitals

To amass a large number of loyal customers, an online-only business must excel at several aspects of its service. Gamma Capitals has many advantages enjoyed by thousands of its clients.

  • The robust infrastructure allows the broker to provide a high level of safety, different investment options, and an excellent trading environment for day traders and scalpers. It is a versatile web platform that stands out thanks to its stability and reliability.
  • Efficient customer support assists It is not without its faults but generally works better than a Swiss clock. You can reach out to the support team using any of the communication channels. Talk in live chat, write e-mails, and tag the company on social media.
  • Favorable trading terms allow for flexible portfolio building and efficient trading. Low spreads make trading profitable whether you use spread trading or scalping strategies. You can also use the leverage that can be adjusted according to your preferences regarding risks.
  • Diverse financial instruments. Any day trader likes to have a choice when it comes to assets. You need to find multiple opportunities to enter the market throughout periods of active trading meaning that the selection of available assets must be rich and varied.

Disadvantages of Gamma Capitals

The list of merits of this broker makes it seem that it is a flawless company that does not have any weak spots. However, we have a couple of gripes with this service.

  • Slow banking. While reliable and trustworthy, the banking service can be slow when it comes to dealing with wire transfers. You will wait for up to 3 business days for deposits and up to 5 business days for withdrawals to be processed.
  • Customer support can be unresponsive at times. Gamma Capitals has an excellently trained team of specialists, but it can be overwhelming during nighttime and on weekends.

The trading terminal at Gamma Capitals

Having a versatile trading application is a great advantage for any trader. Gamma Capitals offers a powerful terminal packed with features including standard technical indicators, graphical tools, and comprehensive price charts. You will be able to analyze price dynamics without using external tools. Since the terminal can be used in the mobile app, you can do it even when commuting to work.

Experienced professionals who need more analytical tools and day traders that rely on sophisticated strategies with multiple confirmations of signals should use MetaTrader4 and TradingView to access the servers of Gamma Capitals.

Mobile app by Gamma Capitals

Whether you use iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device powered by iOS or Android, you will find the mobile app of Gamma Capitals quite useful. The app allows you to continue managing your portfolio and trading assets even when you don’t have access to your laptop. The mobile application’s functionality is even more advanced than that of the website. Additional security measures make it safer to use the mobile app.

Testimonials about Gamma Capitals

User reviews mostly have a positive connotation and paint a pretty picture of this brand. Many users praise the technology, reliable banking, quick order execution, and attentive customer support. Negative reviews are mostly pointing out delays of withdrawals and the overwhelmingly complex interface of the website.


We carefully analyzed many aspects of the service and can firmly say that, in terms of banking and trading conditions, this broker is an excellent choice and allows different types of investors to find a profitable strategy. It is not a scam. You can safely work with Gamma Capitals!

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