Expect Giant Stock And Bitcoin Market Crash In October, Robert Kiyosaki 

Robert Kiyosaki is the popular author of over 25 books including ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and he has sold millions of copies worldwide. Robert Kiyosaki is predicting that the stock market could crash next month. His reason for this prediction is multifactorial including the decline the US experienced in its treasury bills. Robert Kiyosaki is predicting a giant stock market crash, and warns investors to prepare themselves for the crash. He doesn’t think the crash will affect just the stock market, but also gold, silver, and even Bitcoin may not be spared by the crash that Robert Kiyosaki is predicting.

Giant Stock Market Crash 

The author of ‘Rich dad, Poor Dad’ is predicting the stock market crash and also implying that the Bitcoin market too could experience a crash secondary to that of the stock market. He advised investors about the need to have cash available to deal with the aftermath of the stock market crash. Though he also added that he is not selling his gold, silver or Bitcoin because they won’t affect as much as the stock market.

He used China’s Evergrande Group crisis as an example of what could happen in the United States. He thinks that the real estate will be affected by this crash, which he predicts will happen in October. He expects some smart investors will be able to benefit by choosing the right stock and maximizing great real estate opportunities, while the foolish investors will lose out when the crash happens.

Why Stock Market Will Crash 

Robert Kiyosaki is blaming the United States debt crisis as an important factor that would contribute to the giant crash in the stock market next month. He expressed his opinion in a tweet that stated that the treasury and Fed are actually short of treasury bills. He also stated that the United States government is broke and out of money. Hence, he predicts that a shutdown is on the horizon, and wise investors will be smart to prepare for the upcoming crash.

He also blames the United States president Joe Biden for destroying the country. He disagrees with the actions of the president and his liberal Democrat party, and blames their poor leadership for the upcoming crash which he predicts. He disagrees with shutting down the country’s oil industry which he thinks was to keep the greenies happy. He also blames the government for deserting Americans and weapons in Afghanistan, the opening of southern borders and COVID-19 effects. 

Whether his predictions on the giant stock market crash will happen or not, is unknown at the moment. However, Robert Kiyosaki has made similar predictions in the past about an impending crash which failed to happen. He made such predictions earlier this year, he predicted the stock market crash and gave similar advice of buying gold and bitcoin to investors. This prediction never happened though. This has led some to criticize his current predictions considering the failure of his past prediction to materialize. Hence, his predictions are being ignored in some quarters.