CT Area Review — Is CT Area a Scam or Legit?

CT Area Review

CT Area logoMaking the right choice in the borderless ocean of the Forex industry is a challenge. However, the first and, arguably, most important decision of all is picking a good broker. CT Area is a sound option for many investors who want to start working in the FX industry. This company’s impressive catalog of various financial services and products will catch your glance. It is a reliable brand with a rich history of ups and downs resulting in a good reputation and thousands of loyal customers from all across the globe.

CT Area trading terminal

Many retail traders make their pick based on what they see in the native terminal. The richness of features and its stability often create a good enough impression to grab the initial attention of a trader. CT Area has a powerful terminal that provides users with a sufficiently diverse toolset.

  • Standard technical indicators used by industry-leading professionals will allow you to build a reliable strategy. RSI is great for predicting potential trend reversals, moving averages allow you to identify strong trends effortlessly, and MACD is a tool used by many professionals to confirm signals from other tools.
  • Graphical overlays and traditional tools like support and resistance lines help you better understand price dynamics and find patterns that make forecasting easier. These graphical elements look cool and do not overwhelm you with information and unnecessary visual clutter.
  • The terminal is an integral part of the web infrastructure and does not have any delay in communication with the server. It means that all commands sent from this terminal are executed instantly. The price chart also reflects real-time data.

CT Area financial instruments

The depth of the asset pool on a trading platform is another big factor that often sways traders toward one broker or another. CT Area understands the importance of offering a rich assortment of financial instruments.

Here you will find:

  • Currency pairs — the bread and butter of any FX trader. Currencies have different degrees of volatility. You can trade them 24/7 without any delays and pauses allowing you to make money even when the world is asleep.
  • Futures on stable precious metals and oil are often considered safe bets for retail traders interested in long-term market positions. However, you can also try your luck with more volatile assets like agricultural products.
  • Stocks and indices. If you are knowledgeable in economics and want to focus on fundamental analysis, working with CFD contracts on stocks and indices that can be analyzed without any technical analysis techniques, you will be more than happy to work with what CT Area offers in its catalog of financial instruments.

CT Area trading conditions

The terms of trading are great on this platform. You can place orders and close them with a profit quite often thanks to low spreads and instant order execution. Scalpers especially respect companies that provide more opportunities to make money within a single day. With higher spreads, you won’t have the same number of potentially profitable orders throughout the day.

Another big factor is the ability to choose the size of leverage. Being able to adjust the amount of borrowed funds used in market operations means that you can effectively control risks and enter the market on your terms!

CT Area testimonials

The last thing that usually affects the decision of a trader when he is looking for a new broker is the overall mood in user reviews. Customers of CT Area praise the company for its diverse lineup of products and excellent service as well as stability of the web infrastructure with no slippages and downtime.

The verdict

Using a demo account to test the terminal, servers, and trading conditions is a good way to gauge your potential of making money with any given platform. CT Area allows its clients to take a peek at the service with the demo account and provides special benefits to new users!

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