Crypto Bomb Fired At US: North Korea Openly Calls the United States the King Of Thefts

North Korea is a country that always remains in the headlines, not just because of the continuous experimentation of ballistic missiles – due to which the United States and the allies thereof feel irritated – but also due to its enthusiasm for being accused of stealing the crypto from the other countries.

North Korea alleged the US of pilfering funds as well as committing sneaky cybercrime only days following the US alleged Pyongyang of organizing cyber-attacks over crypto exchanges across the world. As per the officials from North Korea, the US is described as a hacking king, a professional covert thieve, and a wire-tapping rule.

Denying UN claims of crypto theft

Even though the US was not specifically mentioned by the UN observers, they asserted that they gathered information from an associate country – and additionally referred to Chanalysis (a US-based company) on the alleged crypto raids of North Korea. As per EDaily (a news outlet from South Korea), the foreign ministry of North debunked the recent assertions of the UN monitors that more than $50M was harvested by the hackers out of North Korea from 2020 to 2021’s mid.

A report in the previous year brought out that nearly $1.8B worth in crypto had been hacked by North Korea out of several exchanges around the world. In 2020, it was reported by Kommersant that Kimsuky (a hacking institution) took benefit out of the COVID-19 pandemic with the utilization of the notorious spear-phishing techniques to illegally acquire top-secret information out of the defense organizations from Russia. According to Ahn Labs, in an attack, there was also the involvement of Kumsuki (the platform which utilizes the malicious Microsoft Word files).

Referring to the disclosure of Edward Snowden

The Ministry of North Korea accused that the assertions of crypto theft involved a threat to the sovereignty of the country, categorizing them as instances of disgusting code of conduct that would not be overlooked by the ministry. It further mentioned that the common digital grounds of humanity are being utilized by Washington to accomplish the hegemony objectives thereof.

The confessions of Edward Snowden (a former consultant for computer intelligence from America) were also cited by Pyongyang which pointed out that the security agencies of the United States conducted surveillance over their citizens.

In the meantime, Washington and Seoul-based experts stated that a team of a minimum of 30 top cyber worriers has been trained and directed by Pyongyang to invade Western as well as Western-related targets containing crypto.

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