Croatia’s Biggest Supermarket Chain Announces Support For Crypto

Konzum, being the biggest Croatian supermarket chain, recently made an interesting declaration that mostly went unnoticed across the community of XRP. The platform has more than 700 physically built stores across Croatia with 10,000 employees. The initial store of Konzum was opened in 1957 in Zagreb. As per the notice issued by the venue on its official website on 1st December, Konzum is presently working on a possibility to purchase crypto (without paying any commission) at the online store thereof, as well as the possibility of recompensing with cryptocurrency against the products being offered on that store.

The supported digital assets are Ether ($ETH), Bitcoin ($BTC), $USDC, Tether ($USDT), Stellar Lumen ($XLM), $XRP, $DAJ, $EOS, and Bitcoin Cash ($BCH). Uroš Kalinić, a participant at the Konzum’s Management Board for IT and Finance, stated that the crypto payments’ introduction is further indicating that the firm is persistently observing global trends, developing a standard, and introducing innovations across the retail sector.

Being the biggest retail chain within Croatia, having been continuously leading the domestic market during its nearly 65-year history in the case of technological achievements and business results, the group of the company is glad to have become a leader in yet another field which is swiftly developing as well as linking with the future.

He also added that the respective platform will look for the technologies and innovations’ development by constantly investing in it, to remain the primary choice of the consumers as well as to offer a quality shopping experience. Konzum moved on to mention that it started supporting cryptocurrency following a collaboration with Electrocoin (a Croatia-based company for crypto-payment processing as well as crypto brokerage), which has PayCek (a system through which the consumers are permitted to receive crypto via their bank account EUR or HRK.

From the viewpoint of a consumer, the same procedure begins with the client’s selection of the desired cryptocurrency as a payment option from among those listed by the venue. Following the respective selection, the amount will be shown with the generation of a QR code as well as the payment address, after which the only thing to be done by a consumer will be to scan the respective QR code to carry out the operation. After the completion of the transaction process, the PayCek system will confirm the transaction by e-mail whereas an invoice will be sent by Konzum to the consumer for the payment of the product or service.